Marco Dionigi new UMM A&R and the hunt for success opens

“Asian Thruth” is the EP marking the debut of Marco Dionigi with UMM label (Media Records) in the house scene, nu disco and i progressive. With tracks like “When The Sun Go Down” and “Moving Around”, the Italian DJ, between dub and afro electronics, takes us back to the maze of nights spent in amazing clubs like Mazoom and Alter Ego. Dionigi has covered the A&R role with Quantistic Division. But, he says, of course, today, speaking of UMM. “This is a label that has made the history of house music, but things do change. It will certainly be an extremely positive new adventure and above all no worries: just a great excitement to start”.
So kind genre will UMM focus on?
“Old fans need to understand one thing: UMM has changed its image, it has changed its journey. After all, I was called to make a radical change. The nu disco will be the predominant music with any kind of music contamination, from new age to house, to electronic, to ethnic passing through deep and cosmic. This is the new trend that is emerging especially abroad. Musically we will go back to be propelled back into the future. Weird, isn’t it?”.

How did you get to work with Bortolotti, Media Records and UMM?
“GFB called me because he wanted to give UMM a new identity. Like me, he doesn’t like to look at the past: he is a visionary a bit like me, and he was very impressed by the nu disco and electro productions; he asked me to lead the label and build a new music reality on it. Let’s be clear, he’s so nice and I couldn’t say no”.
What are the responsibilities for you as UMM A&R?
“I will take care of all the output, and of course the music. It will have to have all a logical thread. I do not believe in all-encompassing labels: you just end up being hurt. We will try to do one thing and we will try to do it well”.
What are you going to focus on?
“I will leverage on all I have. I will invest on artists I know and who are very good at producing music and of course I will also expect a lot of demos to listen to, both Italian and foreign. I will obviously try many productions made by me, after all I’m a DJ and producer. There will be EPs, albums, in short, lots of quality music”.
What are the next releases? What’s in the pipeline for UMM?
“There are already two products ready for release and four more in the queue. But first we have to do the rest of the work and smooth the corners, and when we are ready, and it will take very little, we will have our launch”.
What’s the difference between the new and the old UMM?
“It will maintain its position, i.e. making avant-garde music and pure clubbing sound. We will look forward and not back. We will explore and experiment a lot, through music. We have to take an example from the past, to be able to go back to creating interesting and intelligent things to pass the test of time. The ‘80s and early ‘90s were so full of emotion. I will offer quality. It will be up to the public to follow the present and give up the past”.

EDMedia flies with “Ride Like The Wind” by iklektrik

iklektrik are a Belfast duo, i.e. Ryan Curry and Isaac Gibson. Both came from the opposite ends of the musical spectrum. Ryan spent his early career as a DJ in venues throughout Ireland and Ibiza. Isaac is a classically trained pianist with a background in music production. They met by chance in 2014 and a common love for house and techno music are the basis for their music venture. As they are popular for putting their own unique tech twist on some of the latest and classic house anthems, their biggest success so far comes from their uni’k Radio podcast which has already become a cult, featuring a diverse track-list of house and techno music and teaming up with international guest artists. On the 22 October 2016, iklektrik won the 20th Edition of Amsterdam Dance Event’s Demolition Panel, hosted by Dave Clarke, with their House track “Dusk”. The judging panel included Eats Everything, Marcel Fengler, Kölsch and Don Diablo. They have signed with the Godfather of House, Marshall Jefferson’s Freakin 909/303 label in 2017 with the EP release “Dusk Till Dawn”. Iklektrik are ready with “Ride Like The Wind” East Side Beat remake on EDMedia label (Media Records group).
How would you define your music style?
“Techno and house music is everything to us. We believe in the beat. We start from the freedom of producing eclectic electronic dance music. We make music that makes us feel good and we hope that others will feel the same”.
How do you feel about the collaboration with Media Records?
“We released this track with Media Records in 1991 and Ryan loved it in his early days growing up with dance music. The opportunity to release our version of the track 27 years later with Gianfranco Bortolotti’s label is incredible. This track is all about feeling good. About freedom. We call this our ‘Lights On’ track. Played at the end of a night or set, as everyone can enjoy the lyrics in their own unique way. This track came from nowhere for us. We were knee deep in techno tracks and while working on a beat, the lyrics came into my head. It kept flying around for a couple of weeks before we just settled on working on the track to see what we could come up with. We reached a point where we felt that we could put our own modern twist on what was already a great track, original and edited version. We tried it out and the reaction was incredible. After a conversation with Gianfranco, we decided”.

Underground breaks with UND010S “Suitcase #003 EP”

This is a compilation that contains underground techno sounds. Branded like “Suitcase” #003 EP (UND010S), is a release by DJs and producers from Italy, France, Germany, Portugal and Spain: no border. People from the electronic music and clubbing scene can now meet in these Media Records selections. Suitcase collects the different interpretations of the techno music of every single artist, with their own sounds and melodies. Let the music express what the mind has thought. Few traces inside so as to be able to direct the public to the favourite style.

01 No Deffy – Scale (Original Mix)
02 Franck Hat – Scalp (Original Mix)
03 Earth Control Room – Deeper Way (Original Mix)
04 Gee – Exile (Original Mix)
05 Jose Ayén – Noúmeno (Original Mix)
06 Dario Coiro – 1996 I’m Born (Original Mix)

Ten Words is back with the magic of “Mellotron” track

Ten Words dedicates this track to the instrument that became popular between the late ‘60s and the first half of the ‘70s, i.e. the forerunner of samplers. In his “Mellotron”, progressive melodies and techno rhythms flow on a horizon of atmospheres with a touch of trance music, providing the whole project with a truly unique and special mood. All this on Firstplanet Academy, the engineered e-label from the Media Records EVO world.

Salvatore La Menza is Ten Words. His electronics are house music and tech-house that blend with techno. Ten Words was already released on UMM and he is always working on new singles and e.p. for Media Records EVO labels.

“I’m not a DJ categorizing music in a manic way”, says Ten Words. “An amazing electronic music has the house and techno genres as its common vision: so, if I really have to define my sound, I can say that it’s an emotional style full of meanings, from the feminine soul to the male charge and production”.

Firstplanet in triple effect has generated another two brand-new satellites Pro and Academy

Firstplanet is the first totally automated e-label in the world: it’s 100% engineered, it uses its artificial intelligence to speed up every type of procedure, from the first selection of tracks – that are now so many – to uploads and the contracts on tracks. Globally, this is a major step forward in the production management.

Now Firstplanet is in triple effect: Firstplanet, Firstplanet Academy and Firstplanet Pro.
Firstplanet is the first step to land on its e-label. A dynamic, transversal label, the right gym for those approaching the world of production.

  • Firstplanet Academy is the step that an artist must take to access the professional world.
    Firstplanet Pro is the flagship of FP galaxy, the destination for any talented artists who, for one reason or another, are not with the Premium and Main labels of Media Records EVO world.
  • Firstplanet stargate has been specially designed to access the world of Media Records EVO labels: the first step, the mandatory passage, the careful approach, the test, the entrance examination to the upper floors of the new international discography; in recent weeks it has reached 500 DJs in its own roster.

The record labels of Media Records Group reorganized by splitting into Premium Labels and Main Labels.

  • Premium labels include glorious brands, such as BXR, Claxixx, UMM, Tarantula Music and Neurals: thus converging interests, attention, energy and communication on these entities that are very close to techno and electronic music, bass, and up to trance.
  • Main labels are: Heartbeat, Heartbeat Black, EDMedia, Futurenoize and Underground to satisfy lovers of the house, the big room, the “lento violento” (“slow violent” style) bordering into the experimental area.

Kaishi causes with “LovinU”: from a daring DJ and producer

Beatrice Florenzio is hidden behind Kaishi, an oriental name. She’s attracted to bass music, she forges her own style, combining bassline, grime, jungle, drum n bass and hip hop. This great legacy has resulted into “LovinU”, the first track in Firstplanet Academy catalogue. Signs of speed garage and 2 step are also there.

How did you create “LovinU”?
“I wanted to recreate those sounds that, from the drum’n’bass, brought me to fall in love with UK garage and start playing it, but that I had not yet been able to create in my production. Everything started from the classic tour a little ’90s dance (my other great passion), if I may say so. And that’s how it started”.
How would you define the genre of “LovinU”? It looks like a mix of 2 steps, techno and bass house.
“Mainly, we can define a UK garage / 2step piece, sometimes soulful, with a vocal R & B, genre that I love. I’m glad you said bass house too, because it’s part of the genre circle that inspires me for my production and I’ve been very close to it lately in terms of sound, probably already there with in ‘LovinU’”.
In addition to several single tracks, are you working on an album too?
“Not right now. I have already planned a series of collaborations with UK artists, some are ready, and probably an E.P. I do not feel yet ready for an album, perhaps I see it as a somewhat presumptuous and the next step in my artistic career. I think I still have to tell people who Kaishi really is and I also need to be sure that they appreciate and understand my album”.
You are very close to the underground UK. Why do you love this sound so much?
“It all started when I discovered drum’n’bass. In fact, before Kaishi, I played for many years d’n’b in a collective that I founded, the Pinknoise Kollective. I was a teenager and I just started to go to parties with jungle and d’n’b legends, so I fell in love with this genre and started playing. I went to London and Bristol many times; my music partner used to live there at the time. I learned about the music scene, not only in the UK, and I discovered other sounds that had a huge influence on me”.

How did you approach the Firstplanet world?
“Thanks to Stefano B, I met him at the time of Pinknoise Kollective. I sent him ‘LovinU’, he knew I was looking for an Italian label to release it and he suggested Firstplanet”.
How do you see your sound in the next few years?
“A sound … my own sound, that is the fusion of all my passions and background, as I’m trying to do now. Lately I’m producing tracks with darker sounds, recalling dnb, dubstep and electro, halfway between the UK bass and US bass, a little influenced by my latest experience in Los Angeles, but this will not exclude more melodic tracks in the future. Because I am like that, halfway between dark and the harmony, this is Kaishi”.

Short bio. Kaishi took her first steps into the music world as a dancer, later as a graffiti artist where she dsicovered her love for hip hop music. She started as a DJ many years later, as member and founder of an all-female drum’n’bass collective, Pinknoise Kollective.


Moratto & Florian F are back with “Independiente”

Firstplanet Pro starts out with an amazing duo of producers who are well known in the scene: Moratto and Florian F. The two are back to release “Independiente”, a rhythmically enthralling track that finds its sublimation in the accordion sound.

How did you come up with “Independiente”?
“’Independiente’ is the result of my passion for this kind of sound that I have already used in the past and which is part of my way of interpreting music. This also appeals to people who don’t go to clubs”.
How would you define the genre of “Independiente”?
“Latin house”.
How did you end up working with Florian F?
“Florian worked in my own record company, with a different label, and I liked his tracks”.
This is not the first time that you use Latin sounds and voices: why South America?
“This is a difficult question, but I must admit that I am first and foremost an accordionist and I’m focussed on Argentine tango and that kind of sound is in my DNA”.
In addition to several singles, are you also working on an album?
“Yes, ‘Independiente’ is one of the songs and I hope to publish an album with the material I already have. The follow-up already exists. It will be an album with statements of world leaders on peace and self-determination of people”.

Have you been very close to the house world lately? Is your sound no longer techno?
“This is true, but between the lines you will always find a techno and electronic influence”.
Why did you choose Firstplanet?
“I have always admired Media Records for its great contribution to world music. Gianfranco Bortolotti for me is the best, even if I once worked for a competitor laber. I have always admired his work and the work of his artists”.
How do you imagine house and dance sound in the next few years?
“I imagine it as ‘Independiente’, nice to listen to, to dance and with a meaning that the title itself is suggesting”.

Biography. Born in Italy, in Trieste, at the age of 5 Elvio Moratto attended a folk school where he studied accordion. At the age of 11 he was admitted to G. Tartini conservatory with piano and cello. Later, he focussed to electronic music. He made his debut with the Gino D ‘Eliso project. He worked with Angelo Baiguera. He formed a band with Fulvio Zafret (drums), David Sion (guitar), Bruno Salmoni (guitar) and Sergio Portaluri (bass): Moratto played keyboards. The band caught the attention of Ron at Polygram. Q Concert was formed and brought together several record companies, involving Ron, Goran Kuzminac and Ivan Graziani. In 1983, he moved to Rome and worked with Claudio Simonetti. “Beauty Queen”, the first album, was released. The band released Radio Movie, which got to the final selection of Festivalbar in Verona. He worked on his first remix with Marco Trani, it was “Infiniti Treni” for Renato Zero. In 1987, with a small Roman club, he formed a trio with Andrea Prezioso and Jovanotti. With Jovannotti he produced the single “Walking”. In 1988, Moratto sent a demo to Videogram, the then record company of Sabrina Salerno: in addition to the single “My Chico”, Moratto was in charge of the production of Sabrina’s entire album. In the ‘90s he worked with Scialpi. In 1992, he started his career as full time DJ; with Ricky Persi and Davide Rizzatti, he joined Expanded Music and DFC brand. The most important project was achieved with Ramirez and later he paired with DJ Cerla to produce other hits. He was invited by Ennio Morricone, and he was responsible for the electronic part of the new film by Barry Lewinson “Disclosure”. In ’96, he became resident DJ at Zona Club. Angelino was his first mentor. In ’98, he fell ill and he was not on the scene for four years. In 2002, he resumed production with Floorfilla brand and with Dj Cerla. In 200, he reopened his Batman Studio and packed an experimental album, “Exactivity”.

Steve Carniel is travelling into space with “Galactical”

DJ and producer Steve Carniel is releasing “Galactical” with Neurals Records, trance label of Media Records EVO Group. Another song comes from the magic cylinder of the A&R label, the DJ and producer Mario Più. The Steve Carniel is moving in the maze of trance turning to progressive places. This track is extremely dangerous and elegant, and it’s also very personal: a very refined sound and perfect to warm up the atmosphere of any event, small or large. The chords are simple, the loop advances inexorably causing an absolute brainwashing.

When was “Galactical” created?
“Immediately after I had the pleasure to work on the remix version of ‘In the Sky’ by Andrea Mazza. About two weeks after the delivery of the remix, I immediately wanted to try a new sound, fixing a lot on deeper and softer sounds, trying o find a different style, something original. The progressive sound was created when T.F.F. and I talked on Skype; he asked me to create something together in this style. Later, with T.F.F we created ‘Fusion’, that was used by Solarstone for his compilation ‘Pure Trance Vol 4’ mixed by Solarstone himself and Gai Barone”.
Do you have any ideas for the public in terms of an album?
“Making an album requires a lot of efforts, on a creative and mental level, from the search for sounds to the character you want to assert. Maybe in the future I might think about it”.
Are you exploring the uplifting trance scene?
“This genre may have an impact for me in the future”.
You approached the trance world between 2001 and 2005 when m2o was founded. Is this true?
“There were good relations with Zero Db radio show by Mazza & Martinelli. At the time I was doing other kinds of music, dance and house. They asked me to create their own single trance, ‘Good Fun’;’To Fight’ by Spin Factory followed”.
Was it important to work with Mario Più?
“The opportunity came up after a remix for Andrea Mazza”.
Is there a culture on electronic music in Italy?
“Here, music is perceived as an event or an experience: it’s only an image. In other countries, electronic music is experienced professionally. Not in Italy”.
How will trance change in the near future?
“Time will tell. I’ve never been interested in this kind of change. Will the public decide? What will be the trend? We do not know”.

Firstplanet breaks through with 500 djs

Firstplanet, the e-label created by Gianfranco Bortolotti, has reached an extraordinary target: 500 DJs in its own roster. With the “Believe, Produce, Fight” claim, the platform aims even higher.
Gianfranco Bortolotti, is this a goal for you?
“Having 500 DJs on a new label in 6 months, winning all misconceptions on credibility, completely engineered interaction, the spontaneous management of contracts and uploads: this is certainly a striking success in Italy but also in Europe and in the world. We do not have top DJs yet, but we are getting ready to give our artists all the tools that they need to become super professional and produce super records and new successful waves. It is certainly the most important sign of change in the world of music in recent years. So yes, it is a goal for me. Now we aim at 5000 DJs”.

What will be the value and the power of such an army?
“Of course I can say that unity always means power. I imagine 5000 DJs, in addition to their individual fans, playing on the same day or sharing the same track on the same day. It will be a new tool for promotion and marketing at the same time. I also imagine just the feedback we can have and the tools we can get from it. Fantastic. We are not interested in either the value or the power deriving from it; we want to assert our strategy and launch a phenomenon like Spinnin ‘did with EDM and even before Media Records with the legendary UMM, Heartbeat and above all BXR”.
500 DJs seems a bit the charge of 300 Spartans at the Battle of Thermopylae: is this army ready to invade? What are your intentions?
“The 300 Spartans at Thermopylae stopped Xerxes by sacrificing their lives to give Sparta time to evacuate elderly women and children. They did not intend to invade anyone. We have a less noble purpose, we simply want to restore dignity to all the DJs who are affected by the extraordinary fame of the top DJs without having a chance to stand out. Here, this is the primary purpose of this army: to give a chance to all those who are part of it. Obviously, also depending on their individual skills and commitment”.
What are the goals of Firstplanet now?
“As a short-term goal, we want to engineer all the labels of the Group and offer our technology to all the labels that are willing to embrace our idea, including our competitors. Later, we will expand the platform from Italy – where we are currently testing it – gradually throughout the rest of the world. I want a million DJs on my platform and at least 2000 between PRs, A&Rs and professionals, who will work to offer everyone a well deserved chance”.
Why “Believe, Produce, Fight” is now the Firstplanet claim?
“’Believe’ ’cause it takes an act of trust to embrace what is new; ‘Produce’ ’cause it’s the only process supporting the gradual improvement of young DJ skills; and finally ‘Fight’ because in any case there will be a ranking that will determine the best and the least good. However, there will be an audience that will choose who to listen to: nowadays life imposes us and will force us more and more to fight not to get bored and depressed in the futility of a world completely dominated by machines and AI. And by the way: our AMI (Advanced Music Interface) is the first in the world of its kind”.


T.F.F pushing with “Laguna” prog trance mood

T.F.F, DJ and producer, is releasing “Laguna” with Neurals Records, trance label member of Media Records EVO Group. This is a special T.F.F prog journey into the twists and turns of the most elegant harmonies. The title is “Laguna” and it’s a track with a distinguishing club style, with dreamy pads and a sound that Neurals has been getting used to lately, refined and ideal for warm-ups.

T.F.F. is an Italian music project created by Silvio Amata in 2010. Over the years, he’s been mad about all electronic vibes from the 120 to the 140 bpm, especially for trance and progressive genres. In July of 2010, he started to work, first as an advisor and later as music programmer, with Andrea Mazza on Trance Evolution broadcast on m2o Radio, the one and only trance and progressive radioshow in an FM Italian radio station. Building on this experience, he learned to use music software, Ableton Live above all. With this DAW he began to produce his own tracks and mixed selections for different web radios (1mix, Silvermusic, trance-Energy, DI.Fm).

Has Media Records in some way changed or enriched your life as a producer?
“I hope, but a track with Medai Records makes me very proud”.
Any “work in progress” new production, ready to go?
“’Vestali’ and ‘Burn’ on Adinfinitum Recordings by T.F.F. With Swoan Mayer ‘Whitout Contact’ on Touchstone Recordings. With Steve Carniel ‘Fusion’ on Pure Trance and inside the ‘Pure Trance V.4 Compilation’, and ‘Magnitudo’ on Sunstate Records and ‘Cyclone’ on Rielism inside in ‘Rielism V. 4 Compilation’ on Black Hole Recordings. And furthermore ‘Laguna’ on Neurals”.
How would you define your music style?
“Progressive trance with a pinch of dark progressive”.
What’s your favourite genre?
“Progressive trance and dark progressive”.
How do you feel about the collaboration with Media Records?
“Really happy and. I can’t wait for my release”.
How do you think the sound could evolve and be played in big live events?
“The most important things is to have fun and entertain people”.
What’s your goal?
“T.F.F project came up as a game. I don’t have and I don’t want a specific goal because this is for me a great passion and it will always be so”.
Is there an artist that inspires you or that you particularly admire?
“Gai Barone is a friend and his music for me is a great inspiration. But Above & Beyond for me will be the most important inspiration of my life”.
Which is the best record ever?
“Andy Moor and Adam White present Whiteroom ‘The Whiteroom’. But OceanLab ‘Satellite’ by Above & Beyond it’s perfect.