Mário Rodrigues pushing with “Dark Matter”

A Portuguese DJ and producer, Mário Rodrigues, lands “Dark Matter” with Underground. He always has a futuristic, innovative and unique approach to create, through experimentation, an original sound ranging from very shady environments to breathtaking tracks. And the dancefloor is full of energy. The live sets are always dynamic and intense: he’s a pro performer who knows how to rock the crowd with groovy, mad and rolling bass techno sound.

He started with djing in 1997 and five years after he decided to dedicate his life to music production releasing many tracks under different names, like DROID, TaXidermY, Droidbeatz, Droidpanik and Poizon and now on Media Records EVO label.

Has Media Records in some way changed or enriched your life as a producer?
“Well, it is the first time that I work with Media Records. It’s good to represent new labels to reach more public”.
Do you have any tracks ready to play and release?
“You can always find my latest works on my store. I start from ‘Inspiration Comes From Pain’ by Sonico (Mário Rodrigues Remix), ‘Stop Being a Bitch’ by Ekim Amard & Mário Rodrigues (Original Mix) and ‘Levels’ by Lenny Dee & DX (Mário Rodrigues Rmx)”.
Have you an album in progress too?
“Yes, it’s ready”.
How would you define you music style?
“I like to do different things in music, always depending of the mood and emotions of the day. But usually yes, the main style of my productions is techno”.
How do you feel about the collaboration with Media Records?
“It’s good when a new label has an interest in your work, because you can reach out to more people. So I’m very happy”.
How do you think the sound could evolve?
“I don’t really know how sound could evolve, it’s an abstract process and time will tell. I think the sound, no matter the style, it’s in constant evolution. Time changes and everything changes with it. This is how it works”.
What’s your goal?
“My main goal is to do what I love most, music, and with music connect with people to share good moments and happiness”.
Is there an artist that inspires you or that you particularly admire?
“I admire tons of artists from different music styles and they all inspire me”.
Which is the best record ever?
“I would say ‘The Fat Of The Land’ by The Prodigy. Their music always was very advanced for the time, ‘Fat of the Land’ was an album that marked my adolescence and somehow made grow my interest for electronic music production and electronic music in general”.

Juan Trujillo spins with “Destroit”

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, in 1981, Juan Carlos Trujillo, better known as Juan Trujillo, graduated in audio and graphic design, and perseverance in terms of training and dedication is his code word. He’s been familiar with music occur since he was a child with string instruments such as bass and guitar. When he was a teen-ager, he began with drums, and he played drums in a number of bands, going through styles from reggae to hardcore. He started with electronics when he was 19, with techno, acid and hard trance, from 129 bpm (a feature of the time). The result is a style of music with heavy bases and slightly groovy harmonies.

In his role as a producer, he has achieved several releases such as Sometimes (43recordings), Abduction (Solid Groove), The Sossial (Dead Cert), Cardio (Groovytech), Raw (Brachial Kontakt), which has located in different stamps of Europe and Latin America. In 2015, his label Simplecoding Recordings was launched, featuring Michel Lauriola, Dykkon and Callum Plant, and he promoted from Argentina.

How would you define your music style?
“I love a pumping melodic techno”.
What’s your favourite genre?
“Techno hypnotic”.
How do you feel about the collaboration with Media Records?
“It’s a new experimental style for me”.
How do you think the sound could evolve and be played in big live events?
“Less is more. Experimenting is good. Don’t hold yourself, try new things with old tools”.
What’s your goal?
“A big producer playing interesting gigs; to be able to play my music to large crowds”.
Is there an artist that inspires you or that you particularly admire?
“Michel Lauriola, he has an amazing sound. He’s a wonderful person, I would define him as humble. And Oscar Mulero: amazing history”.
Which is the best record ever?
“Counter Pulse, Newrhythmic, Aine, Animal Farm, Simplecoding. All nice labels with excellent music”.
Can you talk about track release on Underground?
“I’m experimenting. I did it with Detroit sound along with what I can call my style of powerful and pounding techno”.

KZ spin the wheel with “The Great Destroyer”

Diego Mocho de Roberto is KZ a drum’n’bass and electro lover. Diego was born in Naples in 1984 and later moved to Fiuggi. Hip pop, rock, alternative crossover, metal punk, hard-core industrial breakbeat and drum’n’bass had a major impact on him.

He’s been experimenting with several artists on different projects and his passion for music grew when he started singing in local metal hard-core bands. In 2012, he put together his crew, we are anonymous, experimenting for the first time as a DJ and event organiser basically as a new game to play. Starting from small university gatherings and bigger collaborations with Rome-based organisations and DJs (DJ Skalibur and DJ Yakuza), KZ has worked with alternative rock bands. In 2016 and 2017, he performed with several artists in the international DNB scene.

“This is how I love electronic music even more, I say this because I used to go clubbing in the middle of the 90s. List some of your latest works. I am working a lot on drum and bass tracks for dnb labels, lately I have also been planning to put together an electro/rock band, but I’m not quite there yet”.

Would you say that three main styles have had a major impact on you style?
“Definitely, drum and bass rock/metal and hip-hop. If I was forced to pick one only, I would say drum and bass which, in turn, has resulted from rock metal and hip-hop”.

Which is your favourite scene?
“Of course DNB. I am in love with its several faces and contaminations and sound has been created by so many producers through the years. Generally, it’s very difficult for a style of music to be so eclectic”.

Are you very happy and excited to work with Media Records EVO crew?
“Yes, actually it’s my first official release as a solo artist in the music arena and I would never thought I could publish tracks that are mainly drum and bass with the historic Media Records EVO”.

How do you think the sound could evolve and be played in big live events?
“Well, experimenting is the main rule driving music evolution both for the sound and live events. My goal is bring my music out there into the world if I can follow it around myself, well that’s all good”.

Is there an artist that inspires you or that you particularly admire and why?
“Cypress Hill. In their albums, you can listen to the sound and mood that are ever-changing through the years, they’ve published collaborations with artists from so many different music scenes. This band has changed my life”.

Which is the best record ever?
“’Walk This Way’ by Aerosmith feat. Run DMC, one of the first historical fusions between rock and rap that started out so much music that I love. I think it’s the work I am most proud of, I hope you will like it too”.


A real shock in the trance music? Tribal Temptation

As a result of their great passion for trance music, they have worked so much that they may publish a couple of albums. The single “Back ‘Till Eternity” was released in October on Neurals Records (a Media Records EVO Group), hitting the charts. In 2018, Tribal Temptation (Andrea Simon and Alessandro Scialotti) will release “Lines Of Infinity”. “Well, all our tracks have a common notion in terms of style and atmospheres. They may be included in one album. We like trance, all of it. But, uplifting is in our DNA. We do and we will only focus on uplifting”.

Have you always been fascinated by trance music?
“We have followed its evolution over time and we have always identified with its moods and sounds, first as fans and part of the big trance family and now as artists. Trance is a unique bond for all trance lovers globally, it’s something really special. We simply contribute to this big family”.
How did you start out with Mario Più and found Neurals?
“Mario Piu is a living legend. As a fan, I was very happy and excited to meet him, I was introduced by two good friends, Daniele Vantaggio (aka Seismal D) and Andrea Mazza. We clicked immediately and that’s great for our work as Tribal Temptation”.

In recent years, there’s been a huge explosion of electronic music globally.
“Its influence has also disrupted pop, rock and entertainment in general. Trance always keeps the pace in its current trends, though preserving its own clear identity”.
In Italy, is there a need for more opportunities for electronic music in general?
“Yes, more space for DJs. In Italy, there are many many talents, it would be great to have at least one big annual event, a Trance Day, for all artists, producers and DJs. A sort of big family gathering”.
Starting from your original style, are you thinking of more contamination in the future?
“Sure, there’s an increasing interest for female vocal trance. Harmony and melody quality will be an increasingly determining factor in the trance scene”.
How did you come up with “Back ‘Till Eternity”, the track published by Neurals?
“It’s a snapshot of something that everyone has gone through. it’s when you come to terms with your inner self, and you realize what you have and what you are losing: people, love, friends or life itself, that can be neglect or self-destruction. This is the time you realize you were wrong and feel it’s time to start over again, opening your mind and your heart”.

Info on www.mediarecords.dance and www.tribaltemptation.com

Watt & Jack, nobody can stop them now with “Batti le Mani (Tutta la Vita)”

Watt & Jack are two popular names in the Firstplanet galaxy, now with their viral track “Batti le Mani (Tutta la Vita)”. They started out in 2016 to explore new sounds. They immediately hit it off on new music projects, releasing a number of tracks (“That Love Again”, “Neverland” and “Pressure”). In 2017, they released “Enjoy (La Pasta)” on Firstplanet. Walter “Watt” Mangione and Gabriele “Jack” Pastori described the creative process of the track “Batti le Mani (Tutta la Vita)”.

“Clap you hands, snap your fingers”, this is the phrase we had in mind. “We discussed it with Gianfranco Bortolotti, and he immediately supported our idea. For the production, we selected psy tracks in line with the latest European trends. We are a sort of studio nerds, as we obsessively start working on new ideas as soon as we complete tracks”.
Watt & Jack are now focusing on single tracks and, in the future, they will surely release an album with new tracks.
“It all started out very easily. We sent a demo of one of our tracks, ‘La Pasta’. We knew that Gianfranco Bortolotti was back with Media Records, a great label that had a major role over the years. This was also very close to our music style”.

Watt & Jack like EDM music and everything surrounding it, such as big festivals. They are not so much focussing on genres, they are set to create their own sound: “We do this as we want to make a difference, to be original and stand out with our own identity. We work on quality productions and we are set to be successful as DJs and producers in international events. Our sound will become more diversified, resulting into difference styles and inspirations. But we are always looking at energetic festivals. Now are working on psy trance, one of the latest trends in the track-lists of many European DJs”.

Alex Pizzuti strike with “L’Amour Toujours”

Alex Pizzuti is a dj and producer from Calabria, a stunning region in Southern Italy. He has released “L’Amour Toujours” remake in full Tropical Mediterranean music.
How did you come up with the idea of a remake of “L’Amour Toujours”?
“The idea was that of bringing to life a world-class masterpiece that was a kind of soundtrack in my childhood”.
Tell us about some of your latest work. Any “work in progress” new production, ready to go?
“I’m currently working with a friend of mine, Adalwolf, we’ve released a song with Ensis records and we are making other productions close to house music”.
How would you define with your music style?
“I’m still looking for my own style, I like all kind of music, I like deep house and house music”.
How do you think the sound could evolve and be played in big live events?
“In the years to come it will all be live events. Musicians, producers, DJs will join in to create new genres. There will be more room for improvisation. I want to be part of the great world of djs and be remembered for something new”.
Is there an artist that inspires you or that you particularly admire?
“I love Kryder and Oliver Heldens”.
Which is the best record ever, in your opinion? Why?
“Currently the best label in the world is Spinnin’ Records, they release several international artists. but I’m sure that in a few years it will be replaced by Media Records”.
How do you feel about the collaboration with Media Records?
“Media records was my dream since I was a child, I inherited from my uncle (ex dj) several tracks of Media Records, in the 90’s it was the top record company in the world and I’m sure it will become a leader again”.
Have you a comment on your track published by Media Records? And has Media Records in some way changed or enriched your life as a producer?
“I now have the opportunity to release the cover of a legendary track with the label that brought to success so many Italian artists, and this for me is a great honour. Media Records is like a family and, now that I’m part of it, this will change my life as a DJ producer”.

Building on the Alex Pizzuti skills, FP providing the opportunity to remix, reinterpret and transform “L’Amour Toujours” to find new talents and offer all dj remixers a future with Firstplanet e-label: https://www.firstplanet.dance/contest


Alex Pizzuti biography. Alex Pizzuti is a DJ/producer. He was born in 1995 in a small town in Calabria, a stunning region in Southern Italy. He was only 14 when he became aware of his talent. Alex started playing live in different clubs, also winning several music competitions as a young and emerging dj and producer. Leveraging on his natural musical instinct, he started writing and composing his first tracks together with local artists, who shared the same passion and love for music. His career took off in 2016, when he signed his first deal with one of the most influential independent labels in Italy ‘Smilax’, releasing his first music EP ‘Comfort zone’ recorded at Supersonic studio, also featuring Miss Julia, a well-known international singer. The EP got also remixed by Keejay Freak; this great producer remixes Lorenzo Jovanotti’s music, one of the most successful Italian artists. His tracks were also included in the official compilation of Universal music. Since then Alex never stopped playing as well as djing in a number of European countries, such as Germany and Poland, signing new deals with Dutch and Spanish labels. In 2017, he had an audition at the National Cinema Institute, based in Bologna, where he’s currently studying sound engineering, as he’s planning to get his at UCLA (Los Angeles).

“L’Amour Toujours” gets into a Remix Contest from Firstplanet

Dj Alex Pizzuti has re-interpreted this famous track – that Dzeko & Torres recently revisited. Now the remake voices are available if you want to have fun with the art of remixing:

click on https://www.firstplanet.dance/contest

The idea of a “Remix Contest” has come up with the tropical remake of a great track of Media Records from the ‘90’s and the cover track by Dzeko & Torres – reviving the name of Gigi D’Agostino. Building on the skills of dj Alex Pizzuti, with his version of “L’Amour Toujours”, Media Records EVO is providing the opportunity to remix, reinterpret and transform “L’Amour Toujours” to find new talents and offer all dj remixers a future with Firstplanet e-label.

A shortlist of talents will be selected and the remix tracks will be published. This will also give these talents the opportunity to finalize original tracks with the support of professional tutors. Their original tracks will be published on the main labels of Media Records.

Join the Remix Contest
1. Login at www.firstplanet.dance/contest in the “signup and download stems” section, enter your e-mail address and you will receive the remix content.
2. When your remix is ready, login again at www.firstplanet.dance/contest in the “upload your remix” section, fill in the form and upload your remix in Mp3 (320kbps) format.
3. If your remix qualifies, it will be published on Firstplanet Soundcloud (see at the bottom of the page). He assessment procedure will be performed as described.

DEADLINE: 15/01/2018


Leo Paoletta with “Indy” on Firstplanet

“Technodome” includes the first Firstplanet tracks with an international hype – mostly USA and South American tracks. Leo Paoletta is an Indy (Original Mix) dj producer exploring techno with random moving sounds sketching concentric circles on hypnotic rhythms. Dj producer and remixer, he started out in 1990 in a local radio station and he now plays in many Italian clubs.

Has Media Records in some way changed or improved you as a producer?
“Yes, absolutely, I’ve got the right drive to keep pursuing my goal”.
Tell us about your latest works. Any “work in progress”, any new production ready to go?
“My new productions ready to go: ‘Black Rocks’ (Original Mix); ‘Fobia’ (Original Mix); ‘Homeland’ (Original Mix); ‘Revolution is Dance’ (Original Mix)”.
Do you identify with any music style?
“Definitely techno, but with deep and progressive influences”.
What’s your favourite genre?
“love techno and I like any genre that fits with my new tracks”.
How do you feel about the collaboration with Media Records and Firstplanet?
“I am very happy to work with an historic label, this is a great opportunity for me and my music”.
How do you think the sound could evolve and be played in big live events?
“My sound can evolve and be played in major live events, as it’s captivating physically and emotionally”.
What’s your goal?
“I want to keep producing tracks in line with my music, I want to work with Media Records and this is how I will play my music trendy clubs”.
Are you inspired by any particular artist?
“I like Carl Cox, Solomon, Umek, Chris Liebing, Jeff Mills, Deborah De Luca and many more”.
What’s the best record ever, in your opinion? And why?
“Honestly, there are so many records and it is very difficult to pick one”.
Would you like to say something about your track published by Media Records?
“I think it’s a good track, and I also think that if Media Records decided to publish it, it believes in me, in my music and in my skills”.

“No Hard Copy – No Copycat”, a brand new Media Records EVO claim

Gianfranco Bortolotti, Media Records EVO CEO, has launched a tantalizing initiative on digitalization. The Italian businessman, with his international brands, is supporting bit flows, taking a step back from dominating trends: the release of vinyl records. The claim is “No Hard Copy – No Copycat”. Gianfranco Bortolotti is supporting the new technology, discouraging the use and distribution of physical supports and non-original song-writing. “At a time of relentless change, going back is not just a nostalgic attitude, it’s a myth that old school djs flaunts to secure their consoles”, said Gianfranco Bortolotti.

“It’s like old politicians saying that young people are not ready, because they don’t have any political experience and blah, blah, blah, and basically they just want to secure their power.
It’s just obvious that music flows digitally, that young people fit more with the new technology and that there are young talents”, added Gianfranco Bortolotti. “It’s just sheer madness if you say that vinyl records (we are not supporting vinyl records: No Hard Copies) will save music. The debate with arguments like “Digital sound is cold” and “Analogic sound is hot” is absolutely dull. This is just instrumental to keep things as they are, especially in Europe. Original contents are the actual point, this is what is becoming standardized. But I keep believing in young generations and in spite of myself, as I respect old generations, I also had a critical role in that. I believe young people are the future”.

There’s also another point to make (‘No Copycat’): “Today, vinyl records have a super-niche market for collectors, fans who are ready to pay any price, devotees, enthusiasts, and their common feature is the notion of an alternative based in the past. However, this passion may also result from a contemporary status in the current state of play. If you are tied to the past, it’s like being chained as you look at the future. Does it still make sense today? Yes, if young generations will not use new technologies to release heaps of useless tracks; instead, they should use platforms to acquire the skills they need, they must not try their luck producing brainless tracks, useless and recycled instrumental sample tracks”.

Lately, the focus has been on music hardware, i.e. music production (see old skool synthesizers), so what will happen next? There’s an overwhelming and utmost respect for anything historic or vintage, just like art, poetry, historical sites, anything basically. “Why not be inspired by the research that great artists of all times have performed to produce their works? Why should we not do as they did, i.e. acquiring the right skills in high profile academies and schools? In the past, great artists would travel for months to reach the location of art schools Now there’s Internet with appropriate locations to learn the art of production. Whether ancient or contemporary, anything standing the test of time results from a total – and unquestionably sacred – fusion with the spirit of the artist. In this sense, young people should learn from those who came before them”.

On Firstplanet breaks Ricci Jr Dj with “Second Cycle”

Firstplanet keeps sparkling. This platform, conceived by Gianfranco Bortolotti, is delivering its first tracks to Media Records EVO promotion team. The platform works as a quality filter for tracks coming from newcomer and professional DJs and producers globally. And now it’s releasing “Second Cycle”, a track from a techno DJ with music running in his family: Ricci Jr DJ.

Firstplanet automated system, AMI, i.e. “Advanced Music Interface” or “Artificial Music Intelligence”, based on its proprietary algorithm, is delivering “Second Cycle” to “Technodome Vol. 1” compilation, by World of Media. With evocative tracks and magic atmospheres, expectations are high for Ricci Jr Dj. Born in Ferrara, Ivan Testoni, a.k.a. Ricci Jr Dj, is Italian and he has been growing up with music in the dj world, his father is Ricci Dj, top Dj producer and star of the techno scene in the ‘90s. He’s been resident at Stargate in Verona since 1998, special guest at Fabula, Ferrara, and at Teatriz, Ravenna, Ricci Jr Dj became dj resident at Cororicò, Riccione, when his father tragically passed away on 8 July 2000.

In 2013, he joined Media Songs team, releasing a remake of “Ride on Time” by Black Box on Genic. In 2014, Ricci Jr Dj came back to Cocoricò for “Memorabilia in Tour” events. After some live events at Manhattan, Treviso, Cap Creus, Imola, and Gallo & La Volpe event at Giardini Sonori, now he also works with Metempsicosi team for “Memorabilialand” at Madam Butterfly.