Ten Words is back with the magic of “Mellotron” track

Ten Words dedicates this track to the instrument that became popular between the late ‘60s and the first half of the ‘70s, i.e. the forerunner of samplers. In his “Mellotron”, progressive melodies and techno rhythms flow on a horizon of atmospheres with a touch of trance music, providing the whole project with a truly unique and special mood. All this on Firstplanet Academy, the engineered e-label from the Media Records EVO world.

Salvatore La Menza is Ten Words. His electronics are house music and tech-house that blend with techno. Ten Words was already released on UMM and he is always working on new singles and e.p. for Media Records EVO labels.

“I’m not a DJ categorizing music in a manic way”, says Ten Words. “An amazing electronic music has the house and techno genres as its common vision: so, if I really have to define my sound, I can say that it’s an emotional style full of meanings, from the feminine soul to the male charge and production”.

A real shock in the trance music? Tribal Temptation

As a result of their great passion for trance music, they have worked so much that they may publish a couple of albums. The single “Back ‘Till Eternity” was released in October on Neurals Records (a Media Records EVO Group), hitting the charts. In 2018, Tribal Temptation (Andrea Simon and Alessandro Scialotti) will release “Lines Of Infinity”. “Well, all our tracks have a common notion in terms of style and atmospheres. They may be included in one album. We like trance, all of it. But, uplifting is in our DNA. We do and we will only focus on uplifting”.

Have you always been fascinated by trance music?
“We have followed its evolution over time and we have always identified with its moods and sounds, first as fans and part of the big trance family and now as artists. Trance is a unique bond for all trance lovers globally, it’s something really special. We simply contribute to this big family”.
How did you start out with Mario Più and found Neurals?
“Mario Piu is a living legend. As a fan, I was very happy and excited to meet him, I was introduced by two good friends, Daniele Vantaggio (aka Seismal D) and Andrea Mazza. We clicked immediately and that’s great for our work as Tribal Temptation”.

In recent years, there’s been a huge explosion of electronic music globally.
“Its influence has also disrupted pop, rock and entertainment in general. Trance always keeps the pace in its current trends, though preserving its own clear identity”.
In Italy, is there a need for more opportunities for electronic music in general?
“Yes, more space for DJs. In Italy, there are many many talents, it would be great to have at least one big annual event, a Trance Day, for all artists, producers and DJs. A sort of big family gathering”.
Starting from your original style, are you thinking of more contamination in the future?
“Sure, there’s an increasing interest for female vocal trance. Harmony and melody quality will be an increasingly determining factor in the trance scene”.
How did you come up with “Back ‘Till Eternity”, the track published by Neurals?
“It’s a snapshot of something that everyone has gone through. it’s when you come to terms with your inner self, and you realize what you have and what you are losing: people, love, friends or life itself, that can be neglect or self-destruction. This is the time you realize you were wrong and feel it’s time to start over again, opening your mind and your heart”.

Info on www.mediarecords.dance and www.tribaltemptation.com

Firstplanet begins with the first goal

The super platform created by Gianfranco Bortolotti laeves the first track to a main label of Media Records Evo. The world of discography changes radically, now

Firstplanet really starts with big first result. The platform created by Gianfranco Bortolotti provides the first track to a main label of Media Records Evo. From this amazing stargate, which acts as a filter of the quality of the songs that come from all over the world DJs and producers, newcomers and professionals, has passed e promoted on upper level “Xpander”, the brand new international Ciro Parcheri, an artist that lives and works in Glasgow and specialized in trance music.

MAI (Music Advance Interface aka Music Artificial Intelligence), a Firstplanet automated system, thanks to its algorithm created by admixture by the ingenious act Filippo Lazzarini, has received, analyzed and forwarded the song in question to Neurals Records, the infamous dj trance label of A&R Mario Piu. That says: “Let’s talk about a vision and a very important goal, the future of dance music and not only: the track sent to me is really strong. This algorithm, managed and supported as said by artificial intelligence, will be our new weapon for the conquest of the market and for the search for new emerging talents”.

Gianfranco Bortolotti, Firstplanet stargate creator, supports and highlights the peculiarities of the entire platform: “In a changing world and in which we must get used to living with bot, AI and blockchain, this is the first step in the innovation needed to revolutionize. It is the strong and clear signal that we will no longer miss out on artificial intelligence (with obviously unavoidable possible consequences) that will help us manage complex operations and anticipate them the evolutions, and we are the first in the world to do this in music”.

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Luca Antolini & Eddy Rave with “Your Soul” on Neurals

Much love for the most hard trance atmospheres now gives magical results on the Media Records Evo trance label

The dj and the Italian producer Luca Antolini knows Eddy Rave about twentyeight years ago. The duo has produced a really interesting production. After being supported, published and reviewed by Giuseppe Ottaviani, Andrea Mazza and many more djs, they landed on Neurals Records, the Mario Piu label belonging to the Media Records Evo group, a legacy and family for who love music.
Always engaged in the trance front, Antolini explains that he is still interested in all kinds of electronics. “Let’s say the trance always affects every style I’ve made”.
For months collaborating with Eddy Rave. How are you?
“We are doing so many beautiful things. And we’re just beginning. We always smell with psy trance, trance uplifting, electronic sounds in general. We like to experiment and venture”.
Would you make a back2back or would you share the console with Eddy Rave?
“With Eddy I produce and, yes, I would make a nice live. He is also very good with machines and keyboards. After all, I would not have any problems with anyone, I always got along with everyone”.

Have you always loved the trance?
“Of course, from the early records with melodies in the late 80s and early 90s. In the times, however, I liked the various Mike Oldfield, Vangelis, Depeche Mode, Morricone, so much that they created trance worlds without even knowing it. Then, in the mid-90s, the meeting with Roland Brant, Gianni Parrini, Valez, DJ Panda and Ricci, and with my dream house dream, I was convinced that it was my world; without forgetting techno and progressive”.
How did you approach Mario Piu and discovered Neurals Records?
“I suggest ‘Your Soul’ and ‘One Vison’ to Mario and he both liked it. ‘Your Soul’ is a symbiosis between Eddy and me: we love to play the epic melodies enriched by strong and rights sounds influenced by other genres like psy trance or techno”.
If you listen to some of your hardtrance productions in the 2000s, you almost understand your fashionable anticipation of psy trance.
“The psy sound is very close to the low horse said in the thirties. Of psy I like the dynamics between chest and bass: when they leave, they are devastating together. But then all those ethnic vocals after a while become monotonous”.

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Neurals Records, Aevus with “God’s Particle”

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“Trance is all about emotions. No matter what kind of emotions”. Talks Says the new Media Records trance side act. A Brazilian uplifting trend is in the air

Aveus is the pseudonym of Brazilian Mauro Ugo Putti, who has a particular vice for trance and a great admiration for Neurals (Media Records group) and all that can contaminate Uplifting Trance. His “God’s Particle” is a true sound excursion via very tech grooves and Old Skool sounds. Dynamic on the dance floor, catchy and ideal for dj sets in middle and large sized clubs, this track shows once again that the genre knows no boundaries and that good music can come from South America.

“My real name is Mauro Augusto Putti, so my nick Guto Putti, I’m from São Paulo, Brazil, my family from both sides is Italian origin (Sicilians and some other parts of Italy), long time immigrants in São Paulo. I have Italian nationality and passport, this gave me the opportunity to live a few years outside Brazil: from 2005 till 2008 in Europe (Italy and Spain) Usa from 2009 till 2011(Miami, Chicago, Houston) etc. Ive been there working, studying and making music! When I came back to Brazil in 2011, I met my wife Natalia, so we lived in São Paulo for 5 more years and then we moved to Ilhabela, an island 230 km of São Paulo. A place we always dreamed to live since we met. I invite you all to come here one day, to enjoy the beautiful beaches and delicious food. A party would be in the plans too”.

Why the Aevus stage name?

“Aevus, means life, and passage of time in latin. We must enjoy this life as much as we can, and the time we are here on this place of transition called earth. Time, well time is relative. Each one has its own”.

Why now all the pop artists want or require the production by the dj?

“Because in my opinion, the djs, electronic music producers, when they work on a pop song they probably know how to bring out a different energy of the crowd to any track they put their hands on. Thats what I believe. But I think also it depends of the track and also the genre they are working on. I saw many amazing pop songs getting destroyed by some artists and the same time I saw incredible works of art with many pop songs on different genres like house, techno, trance, drum n’ bass”.

Why the trance music does not evolve as a musical genre but remains always so static, linked to specific charges? An example: there are no trance tracks featured by black singers.

“Trance is all about emotions. No matter what kind of emotions. We can feel for example, a dark trance trance track, an emotional uplifting, a psy trance song etc. I just feel that at the moment, some people get stuck on their own ideals and ideas, closing a bit the circle of what trance can become and the creative potential it has for the future and the creativity it had in the past. I admire the artists and labels that try something different, without any fear of failing, but keeping the trance feel. No matter where the artist is coming from, which language he speaks, the religion, or whatever color he is, it really doesn’t matter, we are talking about art. I wish I could bring out more of that in my songs too and I will if I have chance. Music is freedom for creativity. Trance needs new people to join the current legends. We all need to innovate somehow”.

What is High Trance Energy?

“High Trance Energy is a record label, a radio show and a radio station under my own record label Azura Recordings. Its the place where I invite many friends, djs and artists from all over the world to show their songs, sets with total freedom to play whatever they want! I really love that cause I have the chance to meet a lot of amazing artists, djs, and at the same time random people from Brazil and worldwide are knowing them too. When I was younger, I use to follow the Trance Energy incredible events. It changed my life so much those events and always been an inspiration for me. So when I had to choose a name, I remembered the energy that the original ID-T Trance Energy parties use to bring. I’m happy its coming back in full power”.

What is Sole Rosso?

“I always been a huge fan of Mario Più and sure the BXR sounds and artists. I saw Mario Più playing many times in Brazil, for example Mario Più at Gatecrasher in 2004 at Skol Beats. So I had the idea to make a trance celebration on High Trance Energy ep.60 dedicated to the legendary and epic song Mario Più’s ‘Imperiale’ Sole Rosso Mix. One of my favourite records ever. It was an analogy of the sun bringing energy to unite many Italian artists to show everyone that the Italian love for trance is still running in our veins”.

What is the most beautiful voice with which you worked?

“Most of my tracks are vocal synths and arrangements with vocal pads. But if you ask me someone I would love to work someday, I would say Justine Suissa”.

How to spend or invest the money you’re still gaining in this prosperous time?

“Improve as much as I can my artist career, my ideas, these include, improving my sounds, my equipments, skills, headphones, brands everything. I’m not really worried about vanity, even if my mother and wife says I’m a handsome guy. I’m not a model, I’m a dj. Also I want to help people that needs”.

With the birth of your child you will change anything in your career?

“I have a step son, which I consider my son too. Me and my wife we are planning a baby for the future. It would change that I probably would make more emotional songs and work even harder. So my son one day, can remember me, as someone that loved the work of dj and producer”.

You are traveling a lot. What do you entertain the time in the airports?

“I’m not traveling much these days to be honest, except next week that I’m going to Argentina. Maybe in a near future I can have more gigs happening and that can change suddenly. As I use to travel a lot in the past, I use to make music in my laptop while in Airports. Probably I will do the same”.

Many trance djs move to US: and you?

“I lived there for due years. I love where I live now, but If I need to go somewhere like in the USA, I would move yes to bring my music and energy everywhere. Maybe also one day I would like to move with my wife to Sicily, probably when I get older”.

Why does everyone fury with some charts when in fact there are millions of pilot projects much more interesting?

“In my opinion, the most important thing is the music and the people. I’m not saying a chart is not important, it is. But for me its not only about that. I don’t look for charts, except the ones some dj create when they want to show some good music to others”.

Can you explain the trance scene in Brazil?

“Small club events happened in the last years. Eventually a big club brings a top dj like a few weeks ago. But usually when people have real chances to dance, its on psy trance festivals and also some stages inside the current festivals. In the past it was different, we had huge parties on amazing clubs all over Brazil, events 100% dedicated to trance and also trance stages on electronic music festivals. It is important to bring information to the new trance generation, this way they have the chance to know more about the legends of trance and also the upcoming artists. Information and advertising are very important”.

Who introduced you to Neurals?

“I got in contact with Mario Più and we had a nice chat about having a track on Neurals. It was very special for me having the chance to join the team. Its a real pleasure and honor be a part of it with you all. Thank you so much. Cant wait to present more songs in the future”.

You’re having achieved great satisfactions while not moving to the EDM big room main stage? How did you do?

“I follow my art. I do exactly what I feel and play what I feel”.

Given the almost nostalgic moment of trance, what is your idea about the direction that will take the genre in the coming years?

“I hope people stop talking about the track velocity and bring more creative music with meaning. Trance is a different genre and we all know that. Its not only a few melodies, its life, energy, its soul, its spirit and also a connection we have with the universe. People must follow their art instead of thinking about the beats per minute counter, sales, charts etc. Its all important, but most important the music and the message on it. underground, chill, psy, uplifting, big room trance, melodic, trance 2.0 whatever. Just put your ideas and feel free to create. Its all art and music”.

What do you think about the EDM world (festival, sound)?

“I love techno, house, electro, trance, drum and bass, and their sub genre. I don’t feel confortable when I see someone labeling saying that all is ‘EDM’. No, thats not true: Electronic Dance Music can include a gigantic variety of genres. It’s not fair with some amazing artists from other genres”.

What do you think of Italian music productions?

“Italians are historically real creative artists and composers, not only in music but also in many fields of arts. I’m planning a collaboration with Andrea Ribeca (Nu NRG) soon for an upcoming original record”.

Where do you get inspiration in the production? You follow a particular process?

“I get inspiration by life. Usually I try to catch that moment of inspiration and I respect each and any track that I do or even play”.

USA and Great Britain have said years ago the other, then there was Italy, a couple of years, France. What do you think the nation to look? It’s time to Brazil?

“In South America: I believe Brazil again, Chile and Colombia will be the next countries to have a huge trance scene in the future. In Europe: definitely Italy is on fire”.


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