Underground breaks with UND010S “Suitcase #003 EP”

This is a compilation that contains underground techno sounds. Branded like “Suitcase” #003 EP (UND010S), is a release by DJs and producers from Italy, France, Germany, Portugal and Spain: no border. People from the electronic music and clubbing scene can now meet in these Media Records selections. Suitcase collects the different interpretations of the techno music of every single artist, with their own sounds and melodies. Let the music express what the mind has thought. Few traces inside so as to be able to direct the public to the favourite style.

01 No Deffy – Scale (Original Mix)
02 Franck Hat – Scalp (Original Mix)
03 Earth Control Room – Deeper Way (Original Mix)
04 Gee – Exile (Original Mix)
05 Jose Ayén – Noúmeno (Original Mix)
06 Dario Coiro – 1996 I’m Born (Original Mix)

CH’AB – Mediterranean Techno EP Vol. 1

The Techno sound by Ch’Ab (DJ Alessandro Martino) reworked in three remixes: one by the turkish Emir Hazir that remixes “Mediterraneo” pointing to the hypnotic dub consequence while the “Basic Info” is reviewed by Nikola Carusso that takes the track to a hard techno style.
To the track “Besiktas” is then reserved the Earth Control Room treatment, which inflames the groove and gives a psychedelic trip sound to the final mix.