Hidden Aspect with “Bamboo Break” on Tarantula Music

Tarantula Music (Media Records Evo): “Bamboo Break” is a brand-new track from Simon Öggl, aka Hidden Aspect. Austrian composer, producer and band act, born in 1995, he has always played a key role in the scene of Northern Italian sonic artists. His approach to electronic music production builds on a bold music education, both theoretical and practical. Over the years, he has focussed on instrumental performance and composing: he assembled his first orchestral piece at the age of 15. At the very same age, he developed a strong interest for electronic soundscapes, and launched a number of projects as producer, composer and performer of live electronic music.

He’s also a sound designer in the video/film industry.
Hidden Aspect is Simon’s nickname for drum & bass driven concepts that are best described as very glitchy, tribal, mechanorganic and hip-hop influenced. The main objective is to generate a unique sound in the bass scene and push the genre boundaries beyond conventional structures: bassline-driven, punchy drums, crispy highs, hyperactive glitches, crackling groove following a deep tribal flow, all tied up in a framework of orchestral knowledge, music theory and audio editing experiments.

“It´s a good opportunity for me to release on Tarantula, Media Records is a good opportunity. ‘Bamboo Break’ is probably the most minimalistic track I’ve ever made: it’s so too deep, dark and rollin’”, says Öggl. “We play our music live with a lot of instruments, tools, controllers and mics, all looped and effected in Ableton Live. So, we are now rehearsing nearly full-time. Of course, there are lots of d&B tracks on my computer. Some have been completed, some have almost been completed and there are billions and billions of sketches. There are plenty of goals, but I don´t want to force myself to go just after one”.


Tarantula Music debut with “Tribal Jungle” / “Analog Foot” by Frame

From the Media Records Evo legacy world break a brand new track on a brand new bass music label. It’s time to Frame

Tarantula Music (a member of Media Records Evo group) breaks with a double release “Tribal Jungle” / “Analog Foot” from Frame world. The Italian producer loves drum&bass and footwork mood. Both tune has a biggest sub bass. “Tribal Jungle” is a groovy tune which refers to the origins of the jungle music but with an optic towards the future. “Analog Foot” it’s a half tempo funky groove whit an undoubted footwork attitude.
“I’m just finish a EP on the mighty The Dreamers Recordings titled ‘Natural Sound’. Actually, I don’t have an identified specific style. I like to play with my instruments and have great time. Just music. Just drum&bass”.
How do you feel about the collaboration with Media Records?
“I’m feeling happy I love new project who involved Italian electronic artists”.
How do you think the sound could evolve and be played during big live events?
“I think the sound evolve in the years but the past is important. In this time the electronic music is like to be appreciated, but there’s some stereotypes that we can’t recognize. My goal is to experiment and make music. Have fun and improve at the same time”.
Is there an artist that inspires you or that you particularly admire?
“There’s a lot of artist that inspires my music. The best three artist that I admire at the moment is Alix Perez, experimental and big tunes, for his innovate sounds for the best deepest tracks. But obviously Noisia, Roni Size, Break, Fracture, Rockwell, Icicle, Commix, SpectraSoul are the best”.
Tribal Jungle is a drum & bass and jungle that remind you ’90s sounds?
“Yes, and old school breaks and big chord too. ‘Analog Foot’ is an halfstep tune with a futuristic happy mood”.

Frame is a dj and electronic Italian music producer. He has always been in love with bass music, making his first steps by mixing vinyls, then becoming interested in the world of electronic production by attending the CDM School. In 2015 he made his first release on Singularity Audio with “Bad Money EP” and later with “Intense EP”. In the same year, producer and master Luca Fronza performs a remix to his song Djungle feat. MC Koflah. After this two minimal roller EPs he released for Tesseract Recordings, Auraya Recordings and Delta9 Recordings. Always looking for more funk and innovative sound, some of his unpublished tracks were played on RinseFM in the weekly showcase of the UK label Diffrent by artists such as Dexta, Mauoq, Sense MC. In July he was releases an halftempo footwork EP, “Natural Sound”, on The Dreamers Recordings, supported by Doc Scott, Bachelors of Science, Random Movement, Muffler, Silence Groove, Conduct, GLXY, Chromatic and many more.

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