Claxixx label has been launched with “Tuareg” (George V Remix) by BXR Legacy

Another brand-new label for a nostalgic futuristic sound from Media Records Evo

Newly-created Claxixx (Media Records Evo collective) starts out with a BXR classic 2000 remake: “Tuareg” by Ricky Le Roy. The exoteric atmospheres only remain from the original track. Everything else has been smartly reprocessed by the Greek dj George V on a captivating tech house background. This is the imprinting from BXR Legacy collective, a group of music entities sharing the same interests or working together to achieve a common objective.

In the words of Gianfranco Bortolotti, Media Records Evo CEO and BXR Legacy A&R: “Claxixx is a nostalgic label looking at the future: it’s an outright contradiction of rulez. It starts out with ‘Tuareg’ release to explore new horizons of success. BXR Legacy is an avant-garde label ignoring the past and with a need to experience its sound. There will be mostly new tracks, but that may not be just now”.

Claxixx is different from cooperatives, as they do not necessarily focus on economic benefits or saving. BXR Legacy brand also refers to a whole different category: human music producers and visionary elements. For business purposes, a collective is defined as a decentralized or majority-based decision-making style. BXR Legacy also reaches out to share and exercise biz and social power and to take decisions on a consensus-driven and equal basis.
“Our crew is a group of people who live together in some kind of dwelling or residence: the living area is organized for their specific purposes. Our artists, including musical staff, are typically individuals with the same drive to produce and provide evidence of art as a group. In terms of size, these groups may include a few people up to thousands of members”.
The resulting artistic styles are extremely different. Their drive may be based on common or individual purposes. Some collectives are simply made of people who have fun to play together with no other goal or motivation.
“A worker legacy is a type of horizontal collectivism; business work as a partnerships of individual professionals who consider each other as equal and they are rewarded for their expertise. The working collective is conceived to reduce costs for final users and ensure proper profitability for partners. This is done by eliminating operating costs on multi-levels of management”.

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Supporting by Sasha and many more djs.

The analogue conseguence of BXR

A new project uses modular technology: for techno live is really crucial

Ivan aka GHOST303, Phil and 6470 have been able to record jam sessions in the studio to extrapolate sounds that will probably create a collaboration. The three musketeers say: “the BXR was, is and will remain… The Sound of the Future”. The BXR sound of the coming years will be radioactive, dirty, crude and high-tech at the same time: “Retro futuristic, minimal kind of techno with shitloads of glitching and headspace”.

“We are now putting stuff together for this new modular live techno project that is basically a collaborative concept between Davide and me, probably spiced up with audiovisual live”, say GHOST303. “As to how we will develop the project, I can not answer precisely”, says 6470: “Probably, we based on what does not fit 100 percent in today’s techno world”. GHOST303 talks: “For the techno stuff, I work a lot with analogue gear and modulars. Distortions and glitches come natural if you touch knobs and cables”. “Till today, I wonder how it has become possible to become slaves of something as stupid and simple as a drum machine”, 6470 asks himself. GHOST303 reveals: “Actually, I don’t listen to techno very much. It’s just fun doing it”.

Phil Kieser explain: “Studio sessions face to face work better sometimes. Especially in an environment like the Alps: atmosphere, nature, magic. Lots of things to get inspired by. So, in the real time we exchange with our collab pa unique things then happen more likely. We’ve learned this from BXR back in the days when Gianfranco Bortolotti and his artists were working closley together in the Media Records Studios in Roncadelle. BXR don’t have a definitive direction, but we have a vision, which is to put the label back in the spotlight of electronic music, on first planet if you will”.
Where do ideas come from, in BXR home? 6470: “From experimentation and heavy electronic manipulation of sound”. GHOST303: “We do what we love. We are slaves to the modulars and to the sound. It’s this what guides us”.
How do you dissociate techno from fashion and its sounds? 6470: “I do not mean fashion: if I see something I like, I wear it, but if I feel something I like, I do it in my own way”. GHOST303: “I don’t follow trends”. Any names to keep on target? 6470: “Mike Dehnert, Object, Dj Rum, Struction and many others from that scene”. GHOST303: “Climaxim, Continuum Series 1991-1998”.