(BXR001V) 6470 – No Mercy Ep

BXR was also the first to create the underground musical styles ‘Mediterranean progressive’ and ‘super techno’. The label is now being relaunched by Media Records in 2017, with a modern techno sound and new artists.

Shadow and light together are a common sight. 6470 has its existence cast from the shadows of gifted producer Davide Piras’s mind. A new identity, not determined to express something artistically unusual, but as a personal platform to improve and investigate any possibilities of post-techno and experimental electronic music.

Started as a white sheet, the concept 6470 is the latest addiction to the irresistible oblivion on the brink of house and techno.

6470’s sound is the result of a visceral approach from both genres furthest ends: Distorted and radioactive soundscapes locked in a dance-floor favourable structure.

6470 is never final, taking shape day by day, evolving constantly, exploring and braving the regular. Noise crafted consciously as the sediment of long jam sessions and heavy electronic manipulations.

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