The stars of Media Records galaxy


Media Records was born by the end of 1987 from a Gianfranco Bortolotti idea, a label that was immediately well known thanks to Cappella and 49ers names that together with Club House created a strong connection ready to be the first in charts worldwide, forwarded by amazing successful artists, tracks and concepts such as Heartbeat, the first Italian House label  supervised by DJS. This concept will be repeated in 1995 with other music genres like Trance and Techno  or with BXR, that  imposed its sound upon all others world indipendent labels  thanks to the collaboration with Mauro Picotto and Gigi D’Agostino. During the beginning of the year 2K he launches Trance music thanks to Tiësto, Armin Van Buuren e Ferry Corsten.



Bxr was born in 1995 with a graphic layout that still represents a recognizable sign for Techno music. Its long lasting mission was to impose to Djs a rock-star role as nobody ever did before. Bxr is the crew of Media Records techno Djs who dictated a unique style to which lots of music workers have been inspired during the following years. Bxr launches very well known Djs such as Mario Più, Mauro Picotto and Gigi D’Agostino and creates evergreen genres such as Mediterranean Progressive first and the SuperTechno later on.



UMM, acronym of  Underground Music Movement, was born in Naples in 1991 and it was between the first Italian labels that  released House music  sometimes also close to Techno and  Progressive style. In 1997 further to the fail of the big label distributor Flying Records, Media Records bought all rights of UMM company and re launched this strong brand and in the meantime UMM  became also a very well known streetwear brand becoming famous worldwide. The catalogue counted hundreds of releases. Important to be remembered: Daft Punk, Underground Resistance, Blake Baxter, Nightmares On Wax and  Masters At Work.



Created in 1989, the record label “Underground” sponsored Molella recording career reaching several top charts through tracks such as the one by Anticappella; he also signed new licensing deals, like the 2 Unlimited one, for the Italian territory on the Underground label. In 1996 he was back with a new artwork look and he restyled the sound transforming his productions from Progressive trance to a more Techno genre, becoming a sort of  younger BXR “sister”. Underground becomes a kind of trial lab where experimental music  was tested by emerging producers or by some of the well known artists that started to use fantasy names or “alias” to hide their funded name, so that they were able to text new sounds.



When the meaning of a word is “different”, the perspective gets even higher if you gain from Media Records brilliant back catalogue, that in the 90s managed to make famous labels such as UMM, BXR, HEARTBEAT: nobody before had never reached such important results in Techno music establishing its own style and launching in the music scene, new extraordinary DJs turning them to evergreen artists. With such a knowledge and focusing to the future music innovative scene and to the inspired creativity, the New starts to rise, irresistible, in a word we could say “Divergent”.



Heartbeat was funded in the latest 1991 with the idea to give birth to a very strong team of Djs playing house music. It was immediately clear  that the line in rhythm and style were carefully mixed between genres. The first productions are the one by Coccoluto, Ralf and Gemolotto with a “Global House” payoff that anticipated almost 10 years in seeing the concept of style influences. During the years Heartbeat proposed licensed productions from abroad such as Baby D, Roc & Kato, Scotti Deep and  Spencer Kincy alias Gemini, and strongly contributed to the growth of their international estimates.



If Heartbeat, founded at the end of 1991 with the intent to give life to a cohesive  and collaborative team of DJ House , launch the “global house” (as the historical payoff recited) Heartbeat Black, born in 2016, declines a variant of it. It will be dark, as the name suggests, the tech house that it will promote preferring paths made of more intense rhythmic and percussive textures .



EDMedia was born in 2015 to give shape to a  Media Records collection catalogue releasing of  those songs that gained   “gold and platinum records” in the glorious past. EDMedia represents  the “best hits of the 90s'” as a container of songs remixed by the coolest Djs part of the EDM and Trance style scene. Nothing is related to the passed music production scene because these new versions are projected to the future style world and its concept is clearly expressed by its catchy phrase: Back To The Sound Of The Future.



First Planet is the landing Planet of Media Records  galaxy, a real docking  label on which you can land and become a temporary citizen where to start the exploration of World of Media. It is not a place reserved only for new comers or new talents. It embraces a wide range of sounds and welcomes also those who are in the music world since a long time and had experiences with other labels. To the most deserving and hardy followers you will be given the chance to take the shuttle towards the destinations close to the warm and provident Media Records sun where the real career  will start .