Ciro Parcheri change the rules with “Embargo”

“Embargo” is the result of the joint work between Elvio Moratto and Ciro Parcheri, two experienced producers. This track has a Balearic house mood with a nice guitar loop, very close to the trance music scene. “It’s been an honour for me to access the world of Media Records and Firstplanet Pro. I’m not saying it has changed my life as producer right now, because we meet a few months ago. But I hope things will change for the better”, says Ciro Parcheri from his Jo’s Recording Studio in Glasgow.
And now? Are you ready with some work in progress?
“My latest work is ‘Quantum’ by Ciro Parcheri, a song that was released on Firstplanet; this track, ‘Embargo’, with Elvio Moratto; and an another future release is ‘Xpander’ that will be released on Neurals Records”.
Do you think individual artists have their own sound identity?
“Yes and I created mine and I created a specific sound for my music style. And yes, I think my music is different from the music of other artist”.

What’s your favourite genre?
“Trance and progressive house”.
Who do you think could be the new influencer in dance music, nowadays?
“Music brings great joy to people’s lives, but EDM is dominating, and it’s been growing more and evolved more in the past few years”.
Is your sound all about progressions captivating the crowd and play the right music?
“In my opinion, house music is my sounds or I say progressive house and trance is the sound that produces more emotion”.
What’s your goal to create sense of accomplishment in your music?
“I want to be a great music producer and Dj and to design my own sound. So, I want to keep strong and positive. For the future ahead”.
Who are your favourite artists?
“I will mention just two artists that have influenced my music: Robert Miles (R.I.P.) was an artist that I have always admired as a music producer and as a person. And Calvin Harris, an artist that has inspired me a lot and his music has given me lots of inspiration”.
When was your first studio experience?
“Many years ago, 1994, it was the first time I worked in a real recording studio, and I fell in love straight away. My first live act performance was in 1996 at the Cube in Naples, Italy”.

Steno is ready and erupts with “Love Sensation”

Stefano Andreatta, aka Steno, DJ, producer and bass player, has worked on a house track built on essential elements. Its driving force is the vocal inserts from a very popular Loleatta Holloway track, “Love Sensation”, from the early days of house music and now on Firstplanet Academy, after “You Think” and “spingete Vigliacchi Che Non Sento l’Amore” tracks on Firstplanet. Steno started studying music at the age of 10 at a private school in his country and he learned classical guitar for 5 years, then he moved to some rhythm guitar courses; in meantime, he started playing in his first bands. Steno played the electric guitar up to 17 years and started to study bass guitar. He played in various clubs in his area as a bass player in a number of bands. In 2009, he started to approach the world of djing and set up his recording studio. In 2013, he stared with the electronic music world.
What if Firstplanet had not existed?
“The success of electronic music would probably not be at this level. And now? I have a lot of work in progress, but no names yet. My soul is rock, but my mind is electro. I listen to metal music and rock, from grunge to soul, above the blues, beyond the reggae, inside the house, techno, spiritual and Celtic mood”.
How would you define your music style?
“I do not identify with any other artist because, on account of my story, I produce in line with music standards that are not necessarily related to the genre that I produce”.

How do you feel about the collaboration with Firstplanet?
“I’m very happy and proud to collaborate with the Gianfranco Bortolotti’s hub. For me, it’s an important goal that’s driving me to continue and improve my style and my music”.
Do you think that the sound is evolving towards a more minimal and clean phase?
“Less is more, that’s the basic message. Less instruments and more definition for the sound. And I think that in the next few years minimal music will meet with pop music, as it was for the music edm that met pop music evolving, so it will be also for the minimal, and we will have a minimal melodic”.
Do you like artists who reflect their soul in music?
“I can quote some names from the past, national and international artists, like Lucio Battisti, Adriano Celentano, Led Zeppelin, Ozzy Osburne, Johnny Cash, Annalisa and many more”.
Please, tell us about “Love Sensation”.
“This is my tribute to the greatest disco music queen. I wanted to give new life to this voice by bringing it into my world”.

10WS is crazy about “Eighteen”

Changing in part his main alias, Ten Words, Salvatore La Menza, now 10WS, has landed on Firstplanet Academy with an unpublished version of a track that was released last year on UMM label. Deep Inside Mix version of “Eighteen” aligns the sound on new frequencies, preserving some details from the original track and, as announced in the title, providing an iconic sample of the past, i.e. “Deep Inside” is conceived by Hardrive.

Paulo Moya is ready with “Men Don’t Think”

Paulo Moya is a DJ, producer, youtuber and promoter based in Helsinki, Finland. He has released a track superimposing several cultural styles on Firstplanet Academy: “Men Don’t Think”. House, techno, electro: leveraging on each of these music genres, this artist has forged a track with different rhythm breaks to add value to the already captivating sound.
Has Firstplanet in some way changed or enriched your life as a producer?
“I’m waiting to see what impact Firstplanet can generate”.
What’s the best record ever, in your opinion?
“’Exit’ by Tangerine Dream and ‘RadioActivity’ by Kraftwerk”.
Please list some of your latest works. Any “work in progress”, new production, ready to go?
“My ‘Subtanasia EP’: dark grooves and hypnotic sounds with an exquisite video production available on Youtube. I love techno, intelligent techno, acid, electro, ambient, new wave and classical Music (not opera)”.
How do you think the sound could evolve and be played in big live events?
“Massive events are for massive crowds, to be honest, I do not go to big live events, I don’t like the music that they play. Actually, I do not interact properly with other humans. I prefer my dark room with the synth. In terms of music, production must keep working on Intelligent sounds and deep dark grooves”.
Is there an artist that inspires you or that you particularly admire?
“Emmanuel Top, Dj Misjah and the original Josh Wink. All of them have the same factor: basic technology and massive creativity. Actually, I do not remember any contemporary techno track that makes the people screaming in ecstasy (because of the music, not the pill) while the dance floor becomes an earthquake. That was a unique experience with tracks like ‘I Am Ready’ (Josh Wink), ‘Keep Your Love’ (Dj Misjah), ‘Turkish Bazar’ (Emmanuel Top). Where is my time travelling machine? Give me one more night like that, please”.
When was your first studio experience?
“Around my 14. Recording an old oil tank (for around 200 litres) that I was hitting with 2 sticks, it was my first Industrial band experience, in my mind I was doing something like Einstürzende Neubauten. My first live set at 16 in Santiago of Chile with 50 records in my bag. Djing 5 Hours non-stop”.

ZeroRh by Mastro J presents “TechnoStar”

Mastro J is an Italian DJ and producer: the name is Gerardo Nardelli. He’s a creator of jingles for successful television programs. He came to Firstplanet Pro with “TechnoStar”, a nine-minute track in which he alternated techno elements with progressive house suggestions. Breaks and re-starts will make the DJs happy looking for the piece to overturn the dance floor.

Mastro J, how did you approach the house world?
“Everything came from the Chicago Warehouse. To me, a DJ should at least know the genre and the story of a profession based on need to find a way to make music, and without knowing how to use a specific instrument”.
What kind do you produce today?
“I am very eclectic, I realize that today is not an advantage at all. With the support of Spotify or similar media, the identity of an artist must be clear and clear. Unfortunately, since there is no more research, one is a victim of… ‘swipe and go’ and then bound to a category. With this mechanism the time of a playlist is survived”.
How did you approach Media Records and Firstplanet world?
“I have always been fascinated by the golden age of the Italian dance, it was not difficult to know the main actors of an epic. As soon as I had the right inspiration, I immediately sent the demo through the new platform and received all the necessary assistance for the success of the release”.
How did you create the track that will be published by Firstplanet?
“I was inspired by the 90s techno, or rather the techno that was produced in Brescia in the 90s. I supposed that a track like that could find space in an artist’s set, maybe at a BXR Superclub party”.
How and to what extent do you contaminate your house?
“To me, in general, old movies are the biggest form of contamination. From here start many ideas that I try to materialize through the large container that the house genre can be, embracing many cultures and many sounds from different worlds”.
What do you still have at the construction site?
“Surely so much music, lately I’m very interested in electronics between the ’80s and early’ 90s. I’m having a lot of fun recreating my studio with the instruments and synths that characterized the period, like the legendary Korg M1 keyboard. This is where my new music starts, after a long time chasing the EDM from the festival”.

Firstplanet breaks through with 1000 djs

Firstplanet, the e-label created by Gianfranco Bortolotti, has reached an extraordinary target: 1000 DJs in its own roster. With the “Believe, Produce, Fight” claim, the platform aims even higher. Bortolotti talks about a new goal: “Having 1000 DJs on a new label in 8 months, winning all misconceptions on credibility, completely engineered interaction, the spontaneous management of contracts and uploads: this is certainly a striking success in Italy but also in Europe and in the world. We do not have top DJs yet, but we are getting ready to give our artists all the tools that they need to become super professional and produce super records and new successful waves. It is certainly the most important sign of change in the world of music in recent years. So yes, it is a goal for me. Now we aim at 1000 DJs”.

Bortolotti says that unity always means power. “We imagine 5000 DJs and more, in addition to their individual fans, playing on the same day or sharing the same track on the same day. It will be a new tool for promotion and marketing at the same time. I also imagine just the feedback we can have and the tools we can get from it. Fantastic. We are not interested in either the value or the power deriving from it; we want to assert our strategy and launch a phenomenon like Spinnin ‘did with EDM and even before Media Records with the legendary UMM, Heartbeat and above all BXR”. Firstplanet want to engineer all the labels of the Group and offer our technology to all the labels that are willing to embrace the brand AI idea, including the competitors.

Neurals Night breaks in Milan with Mario Più and Mazza djs

Next Friday, 2 March, the Trance Gate & Neurals Records team will be back, after the success of the first event. The Neurals Night second act will be held at VIP DiscoClub in Sesto San Giovanni (Milan, Italy), a truly innovative venue for audio and video technology. Mario Più (Neurals Records A&R) and Andrea Mazza (from his “Trance Evolution” show on m2o radio broadcast) will be the hosts of the night. DJ and organizer of the evening along with Trance Gate, Mario Più will propose a set “past, present & future”. DJ and producer Francesco Sambero will also be there.

Neurals Night onenight is a monthly event. “I consider it a special unique night”, explains Mario Più. “Because it’s different from other evenings for the music genre, which in Italy has always struggled to emerge. But not this could be the right time: the Italian club scene is full of events with the usual genres and the usual artists and a mouthful of trance will do good to everyone”.

Trance Gate, an all-Italian event conceived by Gianluca Ferrandu, for trance music lovers, hosted Manuel Le Saux and Voolgarizm in December thanks to the supervision of Neurals Records (label of the Media Records EVO group). Interaction with trance fans is constant and interesting. The names suggested by the large fanbase community are always taken into consideration. Trance Gate & Neurals Records will propose historical names and new names: a continuous scouting to hunt even the future protagonists of the most important festivals on the planet, before they become inaccessible for the Italian market.

Adalwolf “L’Amour Toujours” Remix Contest: release date next 5th April

His name is Adolfo Morrone, but everyone knows him as Adalwolf and he is the winner of “L’Amour Toujours” Remix Contest, the competition ended last January and it has provided the opportunity to reinterpret the famous Gigi D’Agostino anthem, revived first by Dzeko & Torres and recently by the dj Alex Pizzuti, that made available the voices of the remake for those who love the art of remixing.
From the interesting tropical house version, Media Records EVO has given opportunity to remix, reinterpret, reinvent “L’Amour Toujours” to identify talents and offer all dj remixers a future with the e-label Firstplanet.

Voted on Soundcloud and judged by a professional staff, including Gianfranco Bortolotti and a large A&Rs team, the remix of Adalwolf stood out for its uniqueness. Adalwolf learnt about the contest “wandering on Facebook and after sharing the link in a group”.

How did you proceed and how did you choose the sound for your remix?
“The idea of ‘L’Amour Toujours’ was the result of a pure dance vein and so I tried to keep the soul and atmosphere of the track, trying to give a touch of innovation; not the usual low upbeat but a groove that could interface with the sound of the creator. The attempts were many but eventually I think I got what I wanted, say a Future Toujours that makes the track move”.

Will there be some unpublished productions coming soon?
“The projects in the pipeline are many with foreign labels, songs with sounds strictly groove house / tech, and with the historic Italian Media Records I think there will be something purely dedicated to the people, with sounds that characterize the south and the origins of our lands of sun”.

Who is Adalwolf?
Adalwolf started his music journey at the age of 13 almost as a game, attracted by the colors of the night, using software like “Music 2000 Demo” for PSX and then FL Studio. He has participated in contests like those of Danijay, Discoplanet, Ferry Corsten and Molly DOREMIX, always ranking among the first places. Over the last 5 years, he has focused on more current and contemporary sounds by remixing several important projects. His songs have been supported by DJs like SMDJ, Miami Rockets, Provenzano, Martinelli, Dino Brown, Danilo Secli, Massive Rock & ScaltraMix, Dj’s From Mars, René La Bulgara and Stefano Gambarelli.



40Thavha with “Antico” on Firstplanet Academy

From Italy with love, Riccardo Tavarelli is the producer behind the nickname 40Thavha. Groove lover and progressive house expert, trance music supporter, winking at the big room EDM sound, 40Thavha in his “Antico”, on Firstplanet Academy, perfectly summarizes all these genres, unveiling a tight rhythm, masterly dotted with a maze of fine melodies resulting into a unique, heavenly and relaxing break with a rare and special climax.

Thaiga aka Moko feat. Bianca Po with “Because of You” on Firstplanet Academy

Pietro “Moko” Allegrini is an Italian DJ and producer that has chosen Firstplanet Academy to present the first track. Pietro has signed up with a new artist name: Thaiga. Featuring Bianca Po, “Because Of You” is a crossover house music song with a real funky vibe. There are three versions available for DJs and fans, all coming from the original idea: a tribute to a creative scene that was particularly popular in the late ‘90s early 2000s. A house music track with a funky mood spin in the infamous e-label world, conceived, engineered and designed by Gianfranco Bortolotti.