Ryuki > Believe on EDMedia (Media Records)

Ryuki is a talented and eclectic Japanese dj who likes living a fashionable lifestyle, EDM and house music

Ryuki Nakada loves EDM and House music, but hip hop and Italian dance sound, too. He recently released “Believe”, a remake of “Un Giorno Credi”, the Gigi D’Agostino’anthem, out now on Media Records. ‘Believe’ is an energetic EDM track, with the distinctive drop and a strong super bass, and it can drive the dancefloor crazy.

Born in Tokyo in 1994, Ryuki took part in various fashion shows in Tokyo and he had his graduation in Komatsu Otani High School.

What are you working on now?

“I’ve a lot of projects at this time and a new EDM track is ready to be released. I’m really busy with my fashion shows and gigs in the Tokyo clubs, but I always find time for a studio session”.

What do you think about the collaboration with Media Records?

“Media Records started a collaboration with Japanese producers. It’s a great opportunity for Japan to join European EDM scene”.

In your opinion, who’s the next top influencer artist on the dance scene?

“Justin Bieber”.

Techno or House: which genre do you throw out of the window?

“I save techno”.

Who is the artist you admire most or the one who inspires you?

“Diplo and Skrillex”.

Your opinion about your “Believe”?

“Low frequencies are the distinctive element of this track, like in the future house of the beginning and in the contemporary bass music”.

Available on:

Spotify → http://spoti.fi/2dJ4LOW
Beatport → http://btprt.dj/2dJ4Mm2
iTunes → http://apple.co/2dJ6xj9
Traxsource → http://bit.ly/2dJ5G22

Cammy “Komodo” on EDMedia

He loves EDM and he imagines its ‘Komodo’ to repeat the success of the famous 90’s hit, produced by Gianfranco Bortolotti

Born in Tokyo in 1991, Masaki Kaminaga aka Cammy is not only a dj, but a dancer and a fashion model too. During the latest 10 years he joined important events together with the famous influencer Toshinobu Kubota. He loves EDM and he imagines its ‘Komodo’ to repeat the success of the famous 90’s hit, produced by Gianfranco Bortolotti.

In the track you released for Gianfranco Bortolotti and Media Records, your Japanese touch is easy recognizable.

“My experience comes from my life. When I think to my short but intense career, I smile, because I rushed into things. Here in Japan promotion is a particular matter, it can appear chaotic but it often has a slow start”.

Any future collaboration?

“We’d like having our own project here in Asia, joining in a great team all together. Thanks to Media Records we are now in contact with Jamaster A. another Media Records artist”.

What’s your favourite music genre?

“I love house music, but I’m fascinated by some hip hop sounds”.

In your opinion, what kind of elements can influence dance music industry today?

“Dance music needs to have an irresistible rhythm, but a melodic element, too. That’s why Alesso is one of my favourite artist. I can’t imagine dance music without rhythm, energy and especially melody”.

Techno or house?

“House music, with no doubts”.

And you play EDM…

“My sound is a mix of electro and energetic prog big room. If you want people move their asses, you should make them dance”.

Who is the artist you admire most or the one who inspires you?

“Michael Jackson. I love his powerful expression, his sense of rhythm and his groove”.

Kazuya “Torpedo” on EDMedia

His passion for EDM and European sound drove Kazuya to EDMedia

Kazuya is a young and talented dj, born in Japan in 1998. He started releasing electronic music when he was just 15. His latest single ’Torpedo’ is a perfect example of EDM anthem and it shows the skills of the new Oriental rising star.

You were still underage at the beginning of your career, right?

Well, in Japan it’s not fair if you start working in the clubs when you’re underage, so at the beginning music was just a passion for me, then I started looking for my ideal club.

Do you have a dream?

“I’d like djing at great events”.

What do you expected from ’Torpedo’? Do you think that Media Records can change your career?

“I think so, working with this brand is a big opportunity for my growth, a step forward for my career in music. There’re too many dj’s in Japan, that’s why I chose Europe”.

There’s a sign outside your studio door that says: ‘Work in progress’.

“Yes, music production is always like a work in progress”.

What’s your favourite music?

“Bass House and dubstep”.

Do you think it’s hard today making some significant fast progress on music scene?

“It depends on you. I want producing, composing, mixing and working in my studio, because producing my own music is the logical consequence of my work in the clubs. It’s the right way to reach people”.

Who’s the future EDM star?


Do you think that EDM is an established concept?

“No, and it won’t be. EDM is more than a music genre, it represents the sound of the new generations and the perfect soundtrack for festivals”.

Well, music is fine, but music industry needs a rebirth: do you agree?

“Yes of course. Music should help music industry to regenerate itself”.

Available on:

Spotify → http://spoti.fi/2bK9o9X
Beatport → http://btprt.dj/2bVwpSA
iTunes → http://apple.co/2bK9qOU
Traxsource → http://bit.ly/2bK9Y7l

The men behind T.B. Project …

The men behind T.B. Project are Andrea Paladini and BJM known for few years as the True Beat

Enthusiastic about to give their contribution to the Media Records rooster, reveal that T.B. Project has been properly done for the clubs supporting a very specific and refined sound. A way to go behiond their own limits also thanks to their large djing experience. And here we’re, they reached their goal with “Maka Movin” (out next 8th August 2016), an obsessive tech-house sound enriched by tribal arrangements, with a feminine vocal hook leading the entire track.

And now the powerful couple landed on the dark side of the Moon of Heartbeat Records: Heartbeat Black. From their recording studio the duo reveals that the first production was realized with DJ Luca Cassani for “Safe From Harm” track.

In the past Media Records it has certainly given great music at all.

“Not only has been exporting products and DJs worldwide. Now we hope to make our contribution with this new partnership”.

The T.B. Project is just a… side project?

“In the past we have already released products like True Beat. T.B. Project will be a relief to the dancefloor, with sounds too house and deep. With this name we will give more voice yo new fields through our experience”.

You don’t have limits to your sound?

“The inspirations are important”.

The DJs become like a real rock stars, now?

“It shows must go on: that we must dare more. Those who continue to do research immersing the new styles, new mood, or more than anything call into question the sound, he wins. we must not rest on success”.

Only a series of outputs may build a profile of a big artist?

“With a very demanding audience you can not work in a standardized manner or think in the old style, to make follow-up nonsense. Today you have to dare, experiment, always keeping an eye on the taste of those who still listen to music”.

Everything is evolving?

“We believe only in what we do and as long as the thing we have fun, we will continue. There are no specific targets in progress but only the desire to contribute to the success, bringing something catchy and good in the current music market”.

Your inspirations come from?

“From rock, pop, dance, techno”.

Future Release: T.B. Project – Maka Movin’ on Heartbeat Black

The men behind T.B. Project are Andrea Paladini and BJM known for few years as the True Beat.

Enthusiastic about to give their contribution to the Media Records rooster, reveal that T.B. Project has been properly done for the clubs supporting a very specific and refined sound. A way to go behiond their own limits also thanks to their large djing experience. And here we’re, they reached their goal with Maka Movin, an obsessive tech house sound enriched by tribal arrangements, with a feminine vocal hook leading the entire track.

Label: Heartbeat Black (Media Records)
Cat: HBB003
Release: 08/08/2016

Future Release: Gianpiero XP and Fernando Vitale “Warriors” on Heartbeat

Followers of the future house, both DJs join forces for a song from which comes out quite obviously contrast between the instrumental and the vocals.

In one side the experience of Gianpiero XP, active in the scene for two decades, on the other side, Fernando Vitale,  always attracted by the drum sessions.Together they generate this dance track with strong affinities with radio shows due to the refined vocal session perfectly inserted among the groove blocks of the track.

Label: Heartbeat (Media Records)
Cat: HB013
Release: 23/07/2016

Jamaster A, now in the World of Media Records

Jamaster A – Living in Vancouver, Canada and Asia, He is the first Asian DJ, artist and producer who had created a new style of dance genre “Oriental Trance”. Now in the World of Media Records

Jamaster A had produced many top hit singles, like “Bells Of Tiananmen”, “Nanjing Express”, “Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (Heart Of Asia)”, “One Night In Beijing” and many more. And now he move his style into big room and Dutch tech. In 2009 was the first Asian dj to played in Ministry Of Sound London (at The Gallery onenight). He has entered 2010 Ranking No.279 in the world like first Chinese Dj. From 2014 till 2016 has hosted the first EDM weekly program in MTV Asia call “DJ Master Picks and Top 100 DJ Marathon”. In 2015, has performed the largest outdoor music festival in China Shenzhen “Bougainvillea Music Festival”. Has work for Black Hole Recordings (In Trance We Trust Records) and Spinnin’ Records.

Has Media Records in some way changed or enriched your life as a producer?

“Definitely yes, when I was young and dj at early 90’s I’ve lots of 12″ from Media records and I used to play lots of music from Media in my clubs, at that time I ask myself how can I join Media records and seems like a dream to me, so after 20 years I send my music to Mr. Gianfranco to listen and after that he email to me and said he like my music, so he invited me to join Media as their artist, and this is a real true story after 20 years of how my dream come true and enriched my life”.

Do you think your music style can be identified with a specific one? If yes, which one?

“This year with Media Records to release my new single and album, I’ll move my style to big room, future house, future bass and a special new style of Christian House. Which I mix Christian music into future house, so I call this Christian House. My new album in Media Records will be coming in my new style of gene”.

How do you feel about the collaboration with Media Records?

“I think I can created a new dimension with Media Records, which I believe in Gianfranco Bortolotti: he can bring me to different level”.

How do you think the sound could evolve and be played during big live events?

“I think the most sound that people like in big live event is the most simple sound and easy to remember melody sound, as I observe in festival now, the most reacted sound from the crowd is the most simple sound and melody who created a simple loop, but each sound need to be big and fat”.

When was your first studio experience?

“In 1985, producing and remixing a Eurobeat album ‘Hollywood East Star Trax’”.

When and which was your first live performing experience?

“Was the event I did in Taiwan in 2006 with Nokia Totally Board event with 120,000 people attended and I did the opening for Atomic Kitten and Coolio”.

Booking Now

“Sing & Shout” by Simioli & Benny Camaro on Heartbeat

The couple of djs fluctuates between house and tech_house music. They aim to clubs and radios

Their tracks have been supported by artists such as: Tiësto, Steve Angello and Sander van Doorn. Benny Camaro and Nello Simioli arrive on Heartbeat with “Sing & Shout”. Simioli is a historical contact of Gianfranco Bortolotti and of Media Records’ world.

“Collaborate with such a great structure and great minds is a real enrichment for me” he says.

You have undertaken an intense collaboration with the producer Benny Camaro.

Together we have worked with great passion, energy and good mood, giving life to many recording projects. We have published a lot of things and we have many for this summer. Surely this is a good time for us. The replays are not lacking and we are very positive”.

What is the style that best identifies you?

Certainly the deep house and the tech-house”.

What kind of music do you like?

I love funky and also soul music and in our productions I always try references to these genres”.

What do you think about the collaboration with Media Records?

I think that soon Media Records will shine again into World views. I expect good things”.

The big international DJs always make a big echo, do you agree?

“The modernity of technology, social platforms like Soundcloud or Mixcloud, then Boiler Room And much more have amplified the information at the highest level”.

We are in paradox.

Everything influences and nothing makes a real difference, apart from the magic and the quality of a track”.

Now in the world of house music genres are more than defined.

“What is changing is the electronic music, which abandoned the EDM road, it is finding new characterizations. I do liike techno and house because today they have more contact points”.

Which colleagues do you respect more?

Little Louie Vega e Carl Cox”.

Where will you be this summer?

At Phi Beach , Baja Sardinia; at Pepero, Porto Cervo; at La Praja, Gallipoli and at Golfo Aranci Music Festival”.

Why are you a dj?

To communicate my emotions through music to a wider audience as possible, which exceed the borders of the club and become international”.

What is the track that made you dream more in your career?

‘Shuffle (Maw Remix) by Mondo Grosso”.


Simioli & Benny Camaro – Sing & Shout (Out: 17/06/2016)

Proudly presenting his new work on Heartbeat , Benny Camaro , supported for his recently great successes by Tiësto, Steve Angello e Sander van Doorn , releases now “Sing & Shout” together with Nello Simioli. The two friends producers put together vocal lines and dancefloor sounds waving between house and tech house, giving to the mix a couple of efficient breaks.

Out next June 11th the amazing “Mediterranean Techno EP Vol. 1” on Underground

Ch'Ab - Mediterranean Techno EP Vol. 1Ch’Ab techno tracks have been influenced by mental and psychosis, psychedelic, hypnotic and experimental sounds. During the last years, Ch’Ab performed with several overseas and European artists from the underground scene (but not only) such as Len Faki, Gary Beck, Rebekah, Laura Jones, Neverdogs, Chris Liberator, Henry Cullen aka Dave the Drummer, Lawrie Immersion, Rachel Rackitt, Jerome Hill, Rob Stow, Dj Zebedee, Francesco Zappalà, Mad Alba and many others.

Ch’Ab’ Nu Techno style has been revisited through the release of three new remixes made in collaboration with the turkish Emir Hazir (“Mediterraneo”), with Nikola Carusso (“Basic Info”) and one made with Earth Control Room (“Besiktas”). This Ep will be released on the 11th of June on Underground, the techno label by Media Records.

Born in 1982, the Dj and producer is well known thanks to the track “Polymeric” (Labrynth) and has started to move his first steps in the underground world during 2009. Co-founder of the Loungesquatt Organization project, he’s been part of the best live parties in Milan and Berlin.

“My adventure with Media Records has just begun. I’m sure it will change in a very exciting challenge. I’m very happy and proud to be part of Media crew: it has been a great unexpected surprise, I never thought this could really happen”, says Ch’Ab.