Ciro Parcheri change the rules with “Embargo”

“Embargo” is the result of the joint work between Elvio Moratto and Ciro Parcheri, two experienced producers. This track has a Balearic house mood with a nice guitar loop, very close to the trance music scene. “It’s been an honour for me to access the world of Media Records and Firstplanet Pro. I’m not saying it has changed my life as producer right now, because we meet a few months ago. But I hope things will change for the better”, says Ciro Parcheri from his Jo’s Recording Studio in Glasgow.
And now? Are you ready with some work in progress?
“My latest work is ‘Quantum’ by Ciro Parcheri, a song that was released on Firstplanet; this track, ‘Embargo’, with Elvio Moratto; and an another future release is ‘Xpander’ that will be released on Neurals Records”.
Do you think individual artists have their own sound identity?
“Yes and I created mine and I created a specific sound for my music style. And yes, I think my music is different from the music of other artist”.

What’s your favourite genre?
“Trance and progressive house”.
Who do you think could be the new influencer in dance music, nowadays?
“Music brings great joy to people’s lives, but EDM is dominating, and it’s been growing more and evolved more in the past few years”.
Is your sound all about progressions captivating the crowd and play the right music?
“In my opinion, house music is my sounds or I say progressive house and trance is the sound that produces more emotion”.
What’s your goal to create sense of accomplishment in your music?
“I want to be a great music producer and Dj and to design my own sound. So, I want to keep strong and positive. For the future ahead”.
Who are your favourite artists?
“I will mention just two artists that have influenced my music: Robert Miles (R.I.P.) was an artist that I have always admired as a music producer and as a person. And Calvin Harris, an artist that has inspired me a lot and his music has given me lots of inspiration”.
When was your first studio experience?
“Many years ago, 1994, it was the first time I worked in a real recording studio, and I fell in love straight away. My first live act performance was in 1996 at the Cube in Naples, Italy”.