Steno is ready and erupts with “Love Sensation”

Stefano Andreatta, aka Steno, DJ, producer and bass player, has worked on a house track built on essential elements. Its driving force is the vocal inserts from a very popular Loleatta Holloway track, “Love Sensation”, from the early days of house music and now on Firstplanet Academy, after “You Think” and “spingete Vigliacchi Che Non Sento l’Amore” tracks on Firstplanet. Steno started studying music at the age of 10 at a private school in his country and he learned classical guitar for 5 years, then he moved to some rhythm guitar courses; in meantime, he started playing in his first bands. Steno played the electric guitar up to 17 years and started to study bass guitar. He played in various clubs in his area as a bass player in a number of bands. In 2009, he started to approach the world of djing and set up his recording studio. In 2013, he stared with the electronic music world.
What if Firstplanet had not existed?
“The success of electronic music would probably not be at this level. And now? I have a lot of work in progress, but no names yet. My soul is rock, but my mind is electro. I listen to metal music and rock, from grunge to soul, above the blues, beyond the reggae, inside the house, techno, spiritual and Celtic mood”.
How would you define your music style?
“I do not identify with any other artist because, on account of my story, I produce in line with music standards that are not necessarily related to the genre that I produce”.

How do you feel about the collaboration with Firstplanet?
“I’m very happy and proud to collaborate with the Gianfranco Bortolotti’s hub. For me, it’s an important goal that’s driving me to continue and improve my style and my music”.
Do you think that the sound is evolving towards a more minimal and clean phase?
“Less is more, that’s the basic message. Less instruments and more definition for the sound. And I think that in the next few years minimal music will meet with pop music, as it was for the music edm that met pop music evolving, so it will be also for the minimal, and we will have a minimal melodic”.
Do you like artists who reflect their soul in music?
“I can quote some names from the past, national and international artists, like Lucio Battisti, Adriano Celentano, Led Zeppelin, Ozzy Osburne, Johnny Cash, Annalisa and many more”.
Please, tell us about “Love Sensation”.
“This is my tribute to the greatest disco music queen. I wanted to give new life to this voice by bringing it into my world”.