ZeroRh by Mastro J presents “TechnoStar”

Mastro J is an Italian DJ and producer: the name is Gerardo Nardelli. He’s a creator of jingles for successful television programs. He came to Firstplanet Pro with “TechnoStar”, a nine-minute track in which he alternated techno elements with progressive house suggestions. Breaks and re-starts will make the DJs happy looking for the piece to overturn the dance floor.

Mastro J, how did you approach the house world?
“Everything came from the Chicago Warehouse. To me, a DJ should at least know the genre and the story of a profession based on need to find a way to make music, and without knowing how to use a specific instrument”.
What kind do you produce today?
“I am very eclectic, I realize that today is not an advantage at all. With the support of Spotify or similar media, the identity of an artist must be clear and clear. Unfortunately, since there is no more research, one is a victim of… ‘swipe and go’ and then bound to a category. With this mechanism the time of a playlist is survived”.
How did you approach Media Records and Firstplanet world?
“I have always been fascinated by the golden age of the Italian dance, it was not difficult to know the main actors of an epic. As soon as I had the right inspiration, I immediately sent the demo through the new platform and received all the necessary assistance for the success of the release”.
How did you create the track that will be published by Firstplanet?
“I was inspired by the 90s techno, or rather the techno that was produced in Brescia in the 90s. I supposed that a track like that could find space in an artist’s set, maybe at a BXR Superclub party”.
How and to what extent do you contaminate your house?
“To me, in general, old movies are the biggest form of contamination. From here start many ideas that I try to materialize through the large container that the house genre can be, embracing many cultures and many sounds from different worlds”.
What do you still have at the construction site?
“Surely so much music, lately I’m very interested in electronics between the ’80s and early’ 90s. I’m having a lot of fun recreating my studio with the instruments and synths that characterized the period, like the legendary Korg M1 keyboard. This is where my new music starts, after a long time chasing the EDM from the festival”.