Firstplanet breaks through with 1000 djs

Firstplanet, the e-label created by Gianfranco Bortolotti, has reached an extraordinary target: 1000 DJs in its own roster. With the “Believe, Produce, Fight” claim, the platform aims even higher. Bortolotti talks about a new goal: “Having 1000 DJs on a new label in 8 months, winning all misconceptions on credibility, completely engineered interaction, the spontaneous management of contracts and uploads: this is certainly a striking success in Italy but also in Europe and in the world. We do not have top DJs yet, but we are getting ready to give our artists all the tools that they need to become super professional and produce super records and new successful waves. It is certainly the most important sign of change in the world of music in recent years. So yes, it is a goal for me. Now we aim at 1000 DJs”.

Bortolotti says that unity always means power. “We imagine 5000 DJs and more, in addition to their individual fans, playing on the same day or sharing the same track on the same day. It will be a new tool for promotion and marketing at the same time. I also imagine just the feedback we can have and the tools we can get from it. Fantastic. We are not interested in either the value or the power deriving from it; we want to assert our strategy and launch a phenomenon like Spinnin ‘did with EDM and even before Media Records with the legendary UMM, Heartbeat and above all BXR”. Firstplanet want to engineer all the labels of the Group and offer our technology to all the labels that are willing to embrace the brand AI idea, including the competitors.