Moratto & Florian F are back with “Independiente”

Firstplanet Pro starts out with an amazing duo of producers who are well known in the scene: Moratto and Florian F. The two are back to release “Independiente”, a rhythmically enthralling track that finds its sublimation in the accordion sound.

How did you come up with “Independiente”?
“’Independiente’ is the result of my passion for this kind of sound that I have already used in the past and which is part of my way of interpreting music. This also appeals to people who don’t go to clubs”.
How would you define the genre of “Independiente”?
“Latin house”.
How did you end up working with Florian F?
“Florian worked in my own record company, with a different label, and I liked his tracks”.
This is not the first time that you use Latin sounds and voices: why South America?
“This is a difficult question, but I must admit that I am first and foremost an accordionist and I’m focussed on Argentine tango and that kind of sound is in my DNA”.
In addition to several singles, are you also working on an album?
“Yes, ‘Independiente’ is one of the songs and I hope to publish an album with the material I already have. The follow-up already exists. It will be an album with statements of world leaders on peace and self-determination of people”.

Have you been very close to the house world lately? Is your sound no longer techno?
“This is true, but between the lines you will always find a techno and electronic influence”.
Why did you choose Firstplanet?
“I have always admired Media Records for its great contribution to world music. Gianfranco Bortolotti for me is the best, even if I once worked for a competitor laber. I have always admired his work and the work of his artists”.
How do you imagine house and dance sound in the next few years?
“I imagine it as ‘Independiente’, nice to listen to, to dance and with a meaning that the title itself is suggesting”.

Biography. Born in Italy, in Trieste, at the age of 5 Elvio Moratto attended a folk school where he studied accordion. At the age of 11 he was admitted to G. Tartini conservatory with piano and cello. Later, he focussed to electronic music. He made his debut with the Gino D ‘Eliso project. He worked with Angelo Baiguera. He formed a band with Fulvio Zafret (drums), David Sion (guitar), Bruno Salmoni (guitar) and Sergio Portaluri (bass): Moratto played keyboards. The band caught the attention of Ron at Polygram. Q Concert was formed and brought together several record companies, involving Ron, Goran Kuzminac and Ivan Graziani. In 1983, he moved to Rome and worked with Claudio Simonetti. “Beauty Queen”, the first album, was released. The band released Radio Movie, which got to the final selection of Festivalbar in Verona. He worked on his first remix with Marco Trani, it was “Infiniti Treni” for Renato Zero. In 1987, with a small Roman club, he formed a trio with Andrea Prezioso and Jovanotti. With Jovannotti he produced the single “Walking”. In 1988, Moratto sent a demo to Videogram, the then record company of Sabrina Salerno: in addition to the single “My Chico”, Moratto was in charge of the production of Sabrina’s entire album. In the ‘90s he worked with Scialpi. In 1992, he started his career as full time DJ; with Ricky Persi and Davide Rizzatti, he joined Expanded Music and DFC brand. The most important project was achieved with Ramirez and later he paired with DJ Cerla to produce other hits. He was invited by Ennio Morricone, and he was responsible for the electronic part of the new film by Barry Lewinson “Disclosure”. In ’96, he became resident DJ at Zona Club. Angelino was his first mentor. In ’98, he fell ill and he was not on the scene for four years. In 2002, he resumed production with Floorfilla brand and with Dj Cerla. In 200, he reopened his Batman Studio and packed an experimental album, “Exactivity”.

Steve Carniel is travelling into space with “Galactical”

DJ and producer Steve Carniel is releasing “Galactical” with Neurals Records, trance label of Media Records EVO Group. Another song comes from the magic cylinder of the A&R label, the DJ and producer Mario Più. The Steve Carniel is moving in the maze of trance turning to progressive places. This track is extremely dangerous and elegant, and it’s also very personal: a very refined sound and perfect to warm up the atmosphere of any event, small or large. The chords are simple, the loop advances inexorably causing an absolute brainwashing.

When was “Galactical” created?
“Immediately after I had the pleasure to work on the remix version of ‘In the Sky’ by Andrea Mazza. About two weeks after the delivery of the remix, I immediately wanted to try a new sound, fixing a lot on deeper and softer sounds, trying o find a different style, something original. The progressive sound was created when T.F.F. and I talked on Skype; he asked me to create something together in this style. Later, with T.F.F we created ‘Fusion’, that was used by Solarstone for his compilation ‘Pure Trance Vol 4’ mixed by Solarstone himself and Gai Barone”.
Do you have any ideas for the public in terms of an album?
“Making an album requires a lot of efforts, on a creative and mental level, from the search for sounds to the character you want to assert. Maybe in the future I might think about it”.
Are you exploring the uplifting trance scene?
“This genre may have an impact for me in the future”.
You approached the trance world between 2001 and 2005 when m2o was founded. Is this true?
“There were good relations with Zero Db radio show by Mazza & Martinelli. At the time I was doing other kinds of music, dance and house. They asked me to create their own single trance, ‘Good Fun’;’To Fight’ by Spin Factory followed”.
Was it important to work with Mario Più?
“The opportunity came up after a remix for Andrea Mazza”.
Is there a culture on electronic music in Italy?
“Here, music is perceived as an event or an experience: it’s only an image. In other countries, electronic music is experienced professionally. Not in Italy”.
How will trance change in the near future?
“Time will tell. I’ve never been interested in this kind of change. Will the public decide? What will be the trend? We do not know”.

Firstplanet breaks through with 500 djs

Firstplanet, the e-label created by Gianfranco Bortolotti, has reached an extraordinary target: 500 DJs in its own roster. With the “Believe, Produce, Fight” claim, the platform aims even higher.
Gianfranco Bortolotti, is this a goal for you?
“Having 500 DJs on a new label in 6 months, winning all misconceptions on credibility, completely engineered interaction, the spontaneous management of contracts and uploads: this is certainly a striking success in Italy but also in Europe and in the world. We do not have top DJs yet, but we are getting ready to give our artists all the tools that they need to become super professional and produce super records and new successful waves. It is certainly the most important sign of change in the world of music in recent years. So yes, it is a goal for me. Now we aim at 5000 DJs”.

What will be the value and the power of such an army?
“Of course I can say that unity always means power. I imagine 5000 DJs, in addition to their individual fans, playing on the same day or sharing the same track on the same day. It will be a new tool for promotion and marketing at the same time. I also imagine just the feedback we can have and the tools we can get from it. Fantastic. We are not interested in either the value or the power deriving from it; we want to assert our strategy and launch a phenomenon like Spinnin ‘did with EDM and even before Media Records with the legendary UMM, Heartbeat and above all BXR”.
500 DJs seems a bit the charge of 300 Spartans at the Battle of Thermopylae: is this army ready to invade? What are your intentions?
“The 300 Spartans at Thermopylae stopped Xerxes by sacrificing their lives to give Sparta time to evacuate elderly women and children. They did not intend to invade anyone. We have a less noble purpose, we simply want to restore dignity to all the DJs who are affected by the extraordinary fame of the top DJs without having a chance to stand out. Here, this is the primary purpose of this army: to give a chance to all those who are part of it. Obviously, also depending on their individual skills and commitment”.
What are the goals of Firstplanet now?
“As a short-term goal, we want to engineer all the labels of the Group and offer our technology to all the labels that are willing to embrace our idea, including our competitors. Later, we will expand the platform from Italy – where we are currently testing it – gradually throughout the rest of the world. I want a million DJs on my platform and at least 2000 between PRs, A&Rs and professionals, who will work to offer everyone a well deserved chance”.
Why “Believe, Produce, Fight” is now the Firstplanet claim?
“’Believe’ ’cause it takes an act of trust to embrace what is new; ‘Produce’ ’cause it’s the only process supporting the gradual improvement of young DJ skills; and finally ‘Fight’ because in any case there will be a ranking that will determine the best and the least good. However, there will be an audience that will choose who to listen to: nowadays life imposes us and will force us more and more to fight not to get bored and depressed in the futility of a world completely dominated by machines and AI. And by the way: our AMI (Advanced Music Interface) is the first in the world of its kind”.


T.F.F pushing with “Laguna” prog trance mood

T.F.F, DJ and producer, is releasing “Laguna” with Neurals Records, trance label member of Media Records EVO Group. This is a special T.F.F prog journey into the twists and turns of the most elegant harmonies. The title is “Laguna” and it’s a track with a distinguishing club style, with dreamy pads and a sound that Neurals has been getting used to lately, refined and ideal for warm-ups.

T.F.F. is an Italian music project created by Silvio Amata in 2010. Over the years, he’s been mad about all electronic vibes from the 120 to the 140 bpm, especially for trance and progressive genres. In July of 2010, he started to work, first as an advisor and later as music programmer, with Andrea Mazza on Trance Evolution broadcast on m2o Radio, the one and only trance and progressive radioshow in an FM Italian radio station. Building on this experience, he learned to use music software, Ableton Live above all. With this DAW he began to produce his own tracks and mixed selections for different web radios (1mix, Silvermusic, trance-Energy, DI.Fm).

Has Media Records in some way changed or enriched your life as a producer?
“I hope, but a track with Medai Records makes me very proud”.
Any “work in progress” new production, ready to go?
“’Vestali’ and ‘Burn’ on Adinfinitum Recordings by T.F.F. With Swoan Mayer ‘Whitout Contact’ on Touchstone Recordings. With Steve Carniel ‘Fusion’ on Pure Trance and inside the ‘Pure Trance V.4 Compilation’, and ‘Magnitudo’ on Sunstate Records and ‘Cyclone’ on Rielism inside in ‘Rielism V. 4 Compilation’ on Black Hole Recordings. And furthermore ‘Laguna’ on Neurals”.
How would you define your music style?
“Progressive trance with a pinch of dark progressive”.
What’s your favourite genre?
“Progressive trance and dark progressive”.
How do you feel about the collaboration with Media Records?
“Really happy and. I can’t wait for my release”.
How do you think the sound could evolve and be played in big live events?
“The most important things is to have fun and entertain people”.
What’s your goal?
“T.F.F project came up as a game. I don’t have and I don’t want a specific goal because this is for me a great passion and it will always be so”.
Is there an artist that inspires you or that you particularly admire?
“Gai Barone is a friend and his music for me is a great inspiration. But Above & Beyond for me will be the most important inspiration of my life”.
Which is the best record ever?
“Andy Moor and Adam White present Whiteroom ‘The Whiteroom’. But OceanLab ‘Satellite’ by Above & Beyond it’s perfect.

“Aperitives, Tattoos And Dogs Compilation” 12 in the Top Album Dance Chart in iTunes Italy

Media Records EVO is proud to announce that “Aperitives, Tattoos and Dogs Compilation” is at no. 12 in iTunes Italy Album Dance Chart. “The aperitif is a life-style that you can enjoy with close friends or alone with your pet, cuddling next to your bed, as you are reading, watching TV, sleeping or dreaming”.

This selection was conceived by WoM – World Of Media – and it’s hitting the charts with other selections by AMI, the artificial intelligence conceived by Gianfranco Bortolotti. Besides “Aperitives, Tattoos and Dogs Compilation”, there are also tech-house selections, “Muta Fucking Mood, Vol. 1”, the fine beat of “Space Trip, Vol. 1”, house music with “Ibiza House Planet, Vol. 1” and pure techno with “Technodome, Vol. 1”.

WoM compilation series lay the foundations of Firstplanet Superclub, the largest virtual global venue with the best DJs from Firstplanet Academy and the best Media Records EVO global artists. Mixing and selections are by AMI, i.e. Advanced Music Interface.

Mário Rodrigues pushing with “Dark Matter”

A Portuguese DJ and producer, Mário Rodrigues, lands “Dark Matter” with Underground. He always has a futuristic, innovative and unique approach to create, through experimentation, an original sound ranging from very shady environments to breathtaking tracks. And the dancefloor is full of energy. The live sets are always dynamic and intense: he’s a pro performer who knows how to rock the crowd with groovy, mad and rolling bass techno sound.

He started with djing in 1997 and five years after he decided to dedicate his life to music production releasing many tracks under different names, like DROID, TaXidermY, Droidbeatz, Droidpanik and Poizon and now on Media Records EVO label.

Has Media Records in some way changed or enriched your life as a producer?
“Well, it is the first time that I work with Media Records. It’s good to represent new labels to reach more public”.
Do you have any tracks ready to play and release?
“You can always find my latest works on my store. I start from ‘Inspiration Comes From Pain’ by Sonico (Mário Rodrigues Remix), ‘Stop Being a Bitch’ by Ekim Amard & Mário Rodrigues (Original Mix) and ‘Levels’ by Lenny Dee & DX (Mário Rodrigues Rmx)”.
Have you an album in progress too?
“Yes, it’s ready”.
How would you define you music style?
“I like to do different things in music, always depending of the mood and emotions of the day. But usually yes, the main style of my productions is techno”.
How do you feel about the collaboration with Media Records?
“It’s good when a new label has an interest in your work, because you can reach out to more people. So I’m very happy”.
How do you think the sound could evolve?
“I don’t really know how sound could evolve, it’s an abstract process and time will tell. I think the sound, no matter the style, it’s in constant evolution. Time changes and everything changes with it. This is how it works”.
What’s your goal?
“My main goal is to do what I love most, music, and with music connect with people to share good moments and happiness”.
Is there an artist that inspires you or that you particularly admire?
“I admire tons of artists from different music styles and they all inspire me”.
Which is the best record ever?
“I would say ‘The Fat Of The Land’ by The Prodigy. Their music always was very advanced for the time, ‘Fat of the Land’ was an album that marked my adolescence and somehow made grow my interest for electronic music production and electronic music in general”.

Juan Trujillo spins with “Destroit”

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, in 1981, Juan Carlos Trujillo, better known as Juan Trujillo, graduated in audio and graphic design, and perseverance in terms of training and dedication is his code word. He’s been familiar with music occur since he was a child with string instruments such as bass and guitar. When he was a teen-ager, he began with drums, and he played drums in a number of bands, going through styles from reggae to hardcore. He started with electronics when he was 19, with techno, acid and hard trance, from 129 bpm (a feature of the time). The result is a style of music with heavy bases and slightly groovy harmonies.

In his role as a producer, he has achieved several releases such as Sometimes (43recordings), Abduction (Solid Groove), The Sossial (Dead Cert), Cardio (Groovytech), Raw (Brachial Kontakt), which has located in different stamps of Europe and Latin America. In 2015, his label Simplecoding Recordings was launched, featuring Michel Lauriola, Dykkon and Callum Plant, and he promoted from Argentina.

How would you define your music style?
“I love a pumping melodic techno”.
What’s your favourite genre?
“Techno hypnotic”.
How do you feel about the collaboration with Media Records?
“It’s a new experimental style for me”.
How do you think the sound could evolve and be played in big live events?
“Less is more. Experimenting is good. Don’t hold yourself, try new things with old tools”.
What’s your goal?
“A big producer playing interesting gigs; to be able to play my music to large crowds”.
Is there an artist that inspires you or that you particularly admire?
“Michel Lauriola, he has an amazing sound. He’s a wonderful person, I would define him as humble. And Oscar Mulero: amazing history”.
Which is the best record ever?
“Counter Pulse, Newrhythmic, Aine, Animal Farm, Simplecoding. All nice labels with excellent music”.
Can you talk about track release on Underground?
“I’m experimenting. I did it with Detroit sound along with what I can call my style of powerful and pounding techno”.

KZ spin the wheel with “The Great Destroyer”

Diego Mocho de Roberto is KZ a drum’n’bass and electro lover. Diego was born in Naples in 1984 and later moved to Fiuggi. Hip pop, rock, alternative crossover, metal punk, hard-core industrial breakbeat and drum’n’bass had a major impact on him.

He’s been experimenting with several artists on different projects and his passion for music grew when he started singing in local metal hard-core bands. In 2012, he put together his crew, we are anonymous, experimenting for the first time as a DJ and event organiser basically as a new game to play. Starting from small university gatherings and bigger collaborations with Rome-based organisations and DJs (DJ Skalibur and DJ Yakuza), KZ has worked with alternative rock bands. In 2016 and 2017, he performed with several artists in the international DNB scene.

“This is how I love electronic music even more, I say this because I used to go clubbing in the middle of the 90s. List some of your latest works. I am working a lot on drum and bass tracks for dnb labels, lately I have also been planning to put together an electro/rock band, but I’m not quite there yet”.

Would you say that three main styles have had a major impact on you style?
“Definitely, drum and bass rock/metal and hip-hop. If I was forced to pick one only, I would say drum and bass which, in turn, has resulted from rock metal and hip-hop”.

Which is your favourite scene?
“Of course DNB. I am in love with its several faces and contaminations and sound has been created by so many producers through the years. Generally, it’s very difficult for a style of music to be so eclectic”.

Are you very happy and excited to work with Media Records EVO crew?
“Yes, actually it’s my first official release as a solo artist in the music arena and I would never thought I could publish tracks that are mainly drum and bass with the historic Media Records EVO”.

How do you think the sound could evolve and be played in big live events?
“Well, experimenting is the main rule driving music evolution both for the sound and live events. My goal is bring my music out there into the world if I can follow it around myself, well that’s all good”.

Is there an artist that inspires you or that you particularly admire and why?
“Cypress Hill. In their albums, you can listen to the sound and mood that are ever-changing through the years, they’ve published collaborations with artists from so many different music scenes. This band has changed my life”.

Which is the best record ever?
“’Walk This Way’ by Aerosmith feat. Run DMC, one of the first historical fusions between rock and rap that started out so much music that I love. I think it’s the work I am most proud of, I hope you will like it too”.