A real shock in the trance music? Tribal Temptation

As a result of their great passion for trance music, they have worked so much that they may publish a couple of albums. The single “Back ‘Till Eternity” was released in October on Neurals Records (a Media Records EVO Group), hitting the charts. In 2018, Tribal Temptation (Andrea Simon and Alessandro Scialotti) will release “Lines Of Infinity”. “Well, all our tracks have a common notion in terms of style and atmospheres. They may be included in one album. We like trance, all of it. But, uplifting is in our DNA. We do and we will only focus on uplifting”.

Have you always been fascinated by trance music?
“We have followed its evolution over time and we have always identified with its moods and sounds, first as fans and part of the big trance family and now as artists. Trance is a unique bond for all trance lovers globally, it’s something really special. We simply contribute to this big family”.
How did you start out with Mario Più and found Neurals?
“Mario Piu is a living legend. As a fan, I was very happy and excited to meet him, I was introduced by two good friends, Daniele Vantaggio (aka Seismal D) and Andrea Mazza. We clicked immediately and that’s great for our work as Tribal Temptation”.

In recent years, there’s been a huge explosion of electronic music globally.
“Its influence has also disrupted pop, rock and entertainment in general. Trance always keeps the pace in its current trends, though preserving its own clear identity”.
In Italy, is there a need for more opportunities for electronic music in general?
“Yes, more space for DJs. In Italy, there are many many talents, it would be great to have at least one big annual event, a Trance Day, for all artists, producers and DJs. A sort of big family gathering”.
Starting from your original style, are you thinking of more contamination in the future?
“Sure, there’s an increasing interest for female vocal trance. Harmony and melody quality will be an increasingly determining factor in the trance scene”.
How did you come up with “Back ‘Till Eternity”, the track published by Neurals?
“It’s a snapshot of something that everyone has gone through. it’s when you come to terms with your inner self, and you realize what you have and what you are losing: people, love, friends or life itself, that can be neglect or self-destruction. This is the time you realize you were wrong and feel it’s time to start over again, opening your mind and your heart”.

Info on www.mediarecords.dance and www.tribaltemptation.com