Watt & Jack, nobody can stop them now with “Batti le Mani (Tutta la Vita)”

Watt & Jack are two popular names in the Firstplanet galaxy, now with their viral track “Batti le Mani (Tutta la Vita)”. They started out in 2016 to explore new sounds. They immediately hit it off on new music projects, releasing a number of tracks (“That Love Again”, “Neverland” and “Pressure”). In 2017, they released “Enjoy (La Pasta)” on Firstplanet. Walter “Watt” Mangione and Gabriele “Jack” Pastori described the creative process of the track “Batti le Mani (Tutta la Vita)”.

“Clap you hands, snap your fingers”, this is the phrase we had in mind. “We discussed it with Gianfranco Bortolotti, and he immediately supported our idea. For the production, we selected psy tracks in line with the latest European trends. We are a sort of studio nerds, as we obsessively start working on new ideas as soon as we complete tracks”.
Watt & Jack are now focusing on single tracks and, in the future, they will surely release an album with new tracks.
“It all started out very easily. We sent a demo of one of our tracks, ‘La Pasta’. We knew that Gianfranco Bortolotti was back with Media Records, a great label that had a major role over the years. This was also very close to our music style”.

Watt & Jack like EDM music and everything surrounding it, such as big festivals. They are not so much focussing on genres, they are set to create their own sound: “We do this as we want to make a difference, to be original and stand out with our own identity. We work on quality productions and we are set to be successful as DJs and producers in international events. Our sound will become more diversified, resulting into difference styles and inspirations. But we are always looking at energetic festivals. Now are working on psy trance, one of the latest trends in the track-lists of many European DJs”.