Hidden Aspect with “Bamboo Break” on Tarantula Music

Tarantula Music (Media Records Evo): “Bamboo Break” is a brand-new track from Simon Öggl, aka Hidden Aspect. Austrian composer, producer and band act, born in 1995, he has always played a key role in the scene of Northern Italian sonic artists. His approach to electronic music production builds on a bold music education, both theoretical and practical. Over the years, he has focussed on instrumental performance and composing: he assembled his first orchestral piece at the age of 15. At the very same age, he developed a strong interest for electronic soundscapes, and launched a number of projects as producer, composer and performer of live electronic music.

He’s also a sound designer in the video/film industry.
Hidden Aspect is Simon’s nickname for drum & bass driven concepts that are best described as very glitchy, tribal, mechanorganic and hip-hop influenced. The main objective is to generate a unique sound in the bass scene and push the genre boundaries beyond conventional structures: bassline-driven, punchy drums, crispy highs, hyperactive glitches, crackling groove following a deep tribal flow, all tied up in a framework of orchestral knowledge, music theory and audio editing experiments.

“It´s a good opportunity for me to release on Tarantula, Media Records is a good opportunity. ‘Bamboo Break’ is probably the most minimalistic track I’ve ever made: it’s so too deep, dark and rollin’”, says Öggl. “We play our music live with a lot of instruments, tools, controllers and mics, all looped and effected in Ableton Live. So, we are now rehearsing nearly full-time. Of course, there are lots of d&B tracks on my computer. Some have been completed, some have almost been completed and there are billions and billions of sketches. There are plenty of goals, but I don´t want to force myself to go just after one”.