How the work changes: Media Records Genius Bar is a smart working answer

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Undoubtedly a benefit for many, in terms of individual costs of moving and saving time and, in the future, also protection for the environment. We talk about smartworkingThe news is a few days ago: Ferrero confectionery group have been launched the “smart working”, a pilot project that will initially cover a hundred employees of companies based in Italy. One day a week all people work not in the office but at home or in another location as long as it’s equipped and connected. So, it’s basically what the Italian record label, Media Records, has for almost two years now has. The goal is to offer the opportunity to travel less, traffic less and commuting, for more sustainable employment. The “smart working” formula is another slice, coupled with the development of car sharing and the increasingly popular use of public transport.

“This way will make companies, once full-fledged, even more sustainable and dynamic”, explains Media Records CEO Gianfranco Bortolotti that created Media Records Genius Bar last January, a corner reserved at a point of very fashioned and multifunctional dining bar in Roncadelle, town close to Brescia city.“We’ve always been released from the office concept”, continues Bortolotti. “We’ve always had thousands of meetings in countless places and still today we can say we are not slaves of traditional locations. You just have to go beyond your own parameters and look for the result, obviously being increasingly supported by technology, from new online coworking platforms, including Asana and Google Drive platform. So, now we are in the United Kingdom, Japan, Germany and various countries of Italy thanks to an internal messaging system and Whatsapp groups. Documents and even moods are shared this way today. And it will be more and more tomorrow”.

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