Media Records, only Premium Labels and Main Labels

World of Media brands continue to stand out due to their focus. The Media Records labels, of Media Records group, are organizing and dividing into Premium Labels and Main Labels.

The Premium range includes the glorious brands like BXR and UMM and the newcomers Divergent and Neurals. Their goal is to converge interests, attentions, energies and communication linked to Techno Electronic and Trance generes.

The sound of the main labels; Heartbeat, Heartbeat Black, EDMedia and Underground, ranges from deep house, house and big room to experimental techno mood.

A new stargate has been created to make own entry into the Media Records Label world: it’s Firstplanet, the compulsory step, the closest approach, the test, the admission to the top of the new international discography.

Firstplanet is the first fully automated e-label in the world: 100% engineered, exploited and enriched with Artificial Intelligence. For every kind of procedire, from the very first choice of a song which are now numerous, thought the uploads to the final digital deal. This is a big step forward in product management: finally FREE FROM HUMAN INTERACTION.

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