Gianfranco Bortolotti #IMSIbiza2017 panel intro

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Gianfranco Bortolotti #IMSIbiza2017 panel intro

IMS Ibiza 2017, a panel countdown of Gianfranco Bortolotti…

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IMS Ibiza 2017, a panel countdown of Gianfranco Bortolotti

Italian businessman and guru of music biz scene, he’s the management leader. And he will hold a meeting on Thursday with musical innovation and revolution

Media Records EVO Italian guru and CEO, Gianfranco Bortolotti, a super global manager, on IMS Ibiza 2017, which will be held tomorrow, Wednesday 24th May, until 26th May, will hold an interesting panel. At the headquarters of the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza, between years of connections between the music business and electronics and djing, Bortolotti will be the curator and star of a meeting, set for Thursday 25 May at 11,00 am in the congress hall, for innovation and musical revolution.

The International Music Summit celebrates its 10th anniversary in Ibiza with a parterre du roi, with an Italian capable man of conquering the world. The summit of great characters, with its panels on the White Island, cuts a milestone. Meanwhile, Gianfranco Bortolotti, the only Italian speaker among many players, reveals: “We tell our story, how we have influenced all Europe with our past strategies. And I’ll speak about our new vision. I will of historical revisionism, cause I’m tired of those who tell lies. And I tell on our e-label Firstplanet, the first organized label in an innovative way in the world”.

IMS Ibiza announce the first speakers for this very special tenth anniversary year of the summit, presenting a carefully curated programme of inspiring talks, technology masterclasses, networking opportunities and cutting edge events. Speakers include artist like Bernard Sumner from New Order, RA top 100 DJ Dixon and Mixmag’s DJ of the year The Black Madonna and Gianfranco Bortolotti. Joining them will be representatives from Facebook, Spotify, Elrow and more.
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A interview with Andrea Mazza…

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A interview with Andrea Mazza

The popular m2o radio station dj break with his an amazing trance and a double floorfiller single tracks on Neurals label

Andrea Mazza, from m2o radio broadcast and from the popular Trance Evolution radioshow brand, move the rhythm. He likes to put his ideas into action and get them out as soon as possible. Mazza goes out in time with a double single tracks on Neurals label (Media Records group): “Sky” and “In The Sky”, that includes a Steve Carniel remix.

How did you get closer to Mario Più and Neurals?
“Mario Più has long been a friend and we never stopped crossing and feeling. I have always had a great deal of artistic esteem for him. Then one day he told me about the Neurals project”.

How was born the song for Neurals?
“This song was born from a project that I created some years ago, but never developed properly. Then I got it in my hands and I thought about working it, perfect it and adapt it to the current sounds. From here was born ‘In The Sky’, previewed during the direct of Mario Piu’s Neurals Radioshow”.

How do you contaminate your trance music?
“My trance music is.. mine: that is. It’s totally contaminates me with what it inspires me at the moment, with my own ideas of sound. It is always and in any case the source of a cultural-musical bag that has been growing since the late 1980s and early 1990s. I do not neglect any kind of subtitling, but lately, during the week, I dedicate an episode of Trance Evolution entirely to the sounds of progressive a bit ‘softer and darker”.

What do you think of psy trance? Is it just a fashion?
“More than a fashion is a musical culture. Let’s say that lately in the clubs is also taking up the space it once occupied”.

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