Resident Dj Twiga Montecarlo & Cipriani MC Billionaire group, Cristian Ferretti …

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Resident Dj Twiga Montecarlo & Cipriani MC Billionaire group, Cristian Ferretti have got many contacts with various singers who send demos or who work directly in events in clubs. He also like to get in touch with artists who he discover on YouTube or social networks. There are some impressive things out there.

What style of music do you produce?
“I produce house and deep house music”.

Are you working on a brand new album or a single track?
“Usually I work on single tracks and remixes”.

What are your upcoming goals?
“I am working on a new project linked with Montecarlo’s Grand Prix for this winter, some new productions aswell as a new music video”.

How long does it take you to complete and release a track?
“It depends on the track, let’s say in a range from 4 to 8 months”.

Can you explain step by step how to produce a track?
“The most important thing is to have a clear idea of a sound to start with for example a sax, piano, a type of voice or even a noise – once you’ve found the inspiration it will be easier to work around that idea”.

Are you a producer, dj and musician too?
“I am a dj and I work on the compositions with my producer”.

What is the producer that you like the most today?
“I admire Bob Sinclar, he’s been my inspiration since his first productions”.

Does your style of music have a very specific name?
“I like to mix vocal house with deep house”.

How did you organize the set-up productions?
“My producer and partner Nico Heinz organizes the set-up productions”.

Why Media Records and Heartbeat?
“Because it’s the future… Spinnin Records”.

When was your first experience in the studio and in the live set?
“In 2009 in Milano Marittima, where I created my first single Music On. My first live experience was at the age of 15 years at a party of 100 people, now I am the resident dj in the best club in Montecarlo”.

The “fil rouge” that connects the four artists is the passion for the house music. In “People In The Club” it’s a living, breathing thing. From the rhythmic structure with tribal inserts, to the sound scaffolding inspired by the deep wing of the house music enriched with a characteristics frase of sax.