Nico Heinz, from Heartbeat house music by Media Records world…

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Nico Heinz, from Heartbeat house music by Media Records world

Producer & Dj Kontor Records, Planet Dance Music, Heartbeat by Media Records, S&S, Housesession, Nico Heinz organized the external productions in this way.

“If the collaboration is with international artists, we make the production in several international friends studios, while if the musicians are Italians, we invite them in our studio”.

What style of music do you produce?

“Chill Out, House, Edm”.

What are your upcoming goals and what the most remote (new tour, studio album, ideas, etc)?

“Why next goal is to make a chill out album with Max Kuhn, for our Mysticage project”.

How long does t take you to complete and release a track?

“From when I open an empty session, to when preparing the track for mastering, it spends a week”.

Can you explain step by step how to produce a track?

“About Mysticage project compound by Max Kuhn and me, the most beautiful release we make are the remixes for Kontor Records. We start with the vocals, then we slow down until we reach the right bpm and we study the right chords for us for the song, then we concentrate to the rhythm and groove section and finally we complete the structure. Afterwards we recording bass and guitar and make the last arrangements”.

For the house tracks (with Max Kuhn, Fabio De Magistris and Cristian Ferretti) and the Edm Tracks (with Dj Gazze) you started always with the rhythm section, afterwards you search the lead sound and finally you complete whole track. Are you a producer, dj and musician too?

“First of all, I feel a producer. The most time I spend in my studio… then I’m a Dj, while the musicians I like to put them together and record them”.

What is the manufacturer that you like the most today?

“The producer who struck me most in recent years is Kygo”.

You working on next single track (follow-up)?

“Of course, we have already two tracks to introduce to big boss GFB”.

Does your style of music have a very specific name?

“I think Electronic Dance Music it’s perfect, because It includes the productions that I do between 60 to 140 bpm”.

How did you organize the set-up productions?

“Very simple: an powered iMac, an Apogee sound card, a Neumann microphone, a the Fender Guitar, the Genelec monitors and then once the track is approved we bring the session to Roberto Cipro for mixing and mastering”.

Why Media Records and Heartbeat?

“Last year I had prepared my track ‘People in the club’, and i was very happy with the sax melody that we created and in those days I had read an article about the return of Gianfranco Bortolotti. I made an attempt and it went well, the track is out on Heartbeat and I got to know GFB. For us who work in radio and disco it was a great honor to get out with Hearbeat”.

When was your first experience in the studio and in the live set?

“In the live sets in the late of the ’90, then more than the console I was interested in the software mixer and plug-ins and so in early 2000, I started working in the studio of a radio”.

What other kinds of music do you work on behind the scenes?



“Chill Out / Downtempo for the Mysticage project and Edm / Melbourne Bounce with Dj Gazze”.

How are your own productions born?

“I am very satisfied with the quality that I am reaching because our team is added a genuine star as Roberto Cipro”.

Who do you thank for your success?

“The satisfaction that I’m having to share with Max Kuhn, that follow me all the days in the studio”.

How much time do you spend on learning new music technology, and are there any go-to sources you turn to?

“All the days i read news on new technologies”.

Can you describe your sound?

“For me the important thing in the tracks there are some melodic instrumental parts, I love the melodies. A beautiful melody is always beautiful, so once created to adapt to the various sounds of the moment”.

Who taught and introduced you in the professional music business?

“I have to thank several people/friends: Graziano Barolo, Alberto Rigato (Jerry J) Avedis Ohanian, Robert Fell”.

Where did your passion for the house music?

“It come from my friend, colleague and collaborator Fabio De Magistris: he had a house music program and I was the engineer who recorded and realized the radioshow. So even though I loved other sounds, thanks to him, day after day for many years I came to appreciate and to know the house music”.