End To End land on Divergent label with “Labyrinth” single track…

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End To End land on Divergent label with “Labyrinth” single track

Behind End To End idea there’s Paolo Aliberti. He’s DJ, remixer and producer who has released trax for many important indie and major labels. He’s remixed many famous artists and began his career like a DJ in Italy, in Turin. During the late ’80s, he became interested in techno music and overseas, watching the “Escape from New York” movie. Listening to the John Carpenter soundtrack, he discovers the incredible synthesizers world sounds. In the mid of 90s, he built his first recording studio at the back of his records shop. From this time he begins many collaborations with labels, from Media Records to V2 Records and Time.
You look like a European deadmau5 guy: what is your relationship with the new technologies?
“I also had the good fortune and privilege to be able to start and do my job with a simple mixer, two to three times turntables and many many vinyls. Then productions and even all there was 100% analogue started. In a few years, however, everything changed, the analogue has remained a wonderful memory and rarely found in today’s analogue instrumentation studies, to be honest it’s hard to find real production studios. But everything evolves, everything looks ahead and it would be foolish not to keep up with the times, and then follow the technology that every day grows exponentially. I document every day on everything evolves”.
You are responsible for the supply chain and quality control of all that audio and video move around Gianfranco Bortolotti Management: is it not to hard?
“Many times be between the producers like brilliant, eclectic, unpredictable Gianfranco Bortolotti, with so much experience and many successes behind it, can be a bit of anxiety and fear. But I believe in myself and especially in the what do I do. I have always accepted the challenges and this is perhaps the biggest and most important that ever happened to me. It would weigh more does not make the most of this opportunity”.
In recent years, have you felt less and less a real musical evolution?
“Maybe because my musical knowledge grew and then do it harder to hear new things, or perhaps because the ability to produce music with very low budget compared to the past allows you to experience a lot. Always those who find an innovative sound and does it makes its bingo and wins over everything: but today, ’cause of considerable volume of output music, I think it’s much more difficult of a time finding anything new. Finders will again bingo”.
Have you ever thought about doing officially also the A&R for Gianfranco Bortolotti Management?
“I often cover the Gianfranco A&R duties: he entrusts to me hearing and evaluation of many tracks that arrive each day for our labels. If one day I was officially offered, I accept it gladly”.
Because today many are thrown into techno?
“I believe it is the result of big confusion currently reigns around the music. As a child confused look at the mother’s comforting to clarify and start over. The techno in my opinion is a bit ‘as one of the mothers of music, founder of the house of all musical genres and subgenres of today. Since the early 80’s when Derrick May and released the company their first tracks, the techno has naturally evolved. But he has always maintained a very consistent profile with itself. The techno is and will always be one of the foundations of electronic music, and it comforts those who now has a bit ‘of confusion and research into the roots an answer”.
What is your last single track?
“It’s called ‘Labyrinth’ and is published in Divergent label, a label member of Media Records Group and managed by Bimas, with whom I co-produced the single. The idea was born from the same Bimas at his studio, then, not fully convinced of the result, he proposed a collaboration. After hearing his demo, I was struck by a very particular percussive groove that characterized throughout the writing of the track. I decided to keep only that particular element and build around a new dress. Bimas then completed it all with a very effective remix alongside another Stephan Cruz remix”.
Are you also a musician in the strictest sense of the term?
“I arrange what I can only using my ear, without hardly any notion of composition and when I want to develop what I wrote, or write new arrangements, more complex and articulated, I rely on good partners”.
Now the almost negligible budget to produce one track we can produce a lot of material in a short time too. It’s true?
“I often hear interesting ideas but are at 60 percent of production. Although most of the candidates and new producers offer their tracks as they hit the world, the reality is that most of these are little more than test to be completed. Therefore, I suggest: less quantity and more quality”.
Are you a DJ with an important experience like a producer: how coexist the studio work and live work?
“I believe that the two activities are closely and inextricably linked. I have always maintained that in a dance music production, regardless of gender, the figure of the DJ is absolutely necessary. The feelings that perceives a DJ behind the decks and which can return and leverage in the studio are irreplaceable”.
What is the biggest name in the world of techno, in your opinion, excluding the DJ?
“I think the work done by Paul Clement and Nick Sabine with Resident Advisor in these 15 years has been an important support for the view of techno”.
What usually listen to music when you don’t work?
“Led Zeppelin, Daft Punk, Pink Floyd, Aphex Twin”.
What record will go down in techno music history?
“’E2-E4′ by Manuel Göttsching, from 1984”.
What territories are really interested in your way of doing techno?
“My music increasingly combines two key elements: the energy and harmony. I like to blend these two elements which are then what we propose during my September In the past some of my tracks have had interesting results in South America and North Europe”.

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