Neurals Radioshow from the mind of Mario Più…

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Neurals Radioshow from the mind of Mario Più

An infamous special trance mixshow land from Media Records world

From the mind of the absolute future trance champion, the amazing Mario Più, Neurals Radioshow born now: every Saturday a super radioshow on Radio Trance Energy break. Directly from the most important shows worldwide trance platform hosting. “My mixshow is very important to promote end share the new Neurals Records releases and spread the sound that I want to give the label”, say Mario Più.
What kind of trance? “Trance music in all its styles, from the progressive mood to psy, from low to high bpm”.
Many guests will be land on Mario Più show and they will be for much of the same DJs that will in rotation release on record label.
An infamous special mixshow, this one, a big showcases with musical horizons broadened by the Italian superstar DJ. Neurals Radioshow will officially begin next Saturday, 8th April 2017, from 2 pm till 3 pm (GMT).
“Neurals Radioshow will also be available on Soundcloud after moving stream. Initially it will last an hour but then attempt to bring it to two hours”.

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