The Indian Akshat Joshi with “Mirage” land on Underground label…

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The Indian Akshat Joshi with “Mirage” land on Underground label

The indian dj and producer Akshat Joshi with his “Mirage” single track on Underground label (a Media Records group) will be release next 28th April 2017 (2 weeks Beatport Exclusive; Cat. No. UND004). In the tracklist there is “Mirage” (End To End Remix) and “Mirage” (Original Mix).Aksat Josh is born in New Delhi in 14th March 1989. He’s composer and dj. He started his official career in 2013. He is already one of Media Records new talents, joining Underground Records. Waving between house and techno he has his own sound and style easily recognisable due to his Indian culture inferring the production. “Mirage” is hypnotic rhythm and harmonious synths that mix reality with trance. From his Studio 5 Music recording studio, Akshat Joshi play techno, house and electronica. And he say: “I am a music composer, dj and instrumentalist. I signed with a Belgian record label Cozzin Music in 2014. I was released my first single, ‘Raagrasiya’, for all digital platforms. I was working with various music publishers in USA and UK like Amurco, JPM library and Cinecue”.
Aksat Josh start to making music from 2013 without a formal training in music: he got fascinated with the synthesizer and started making tunes on it. After discovering an audio tool Ableton live, he thought that he can put his ideas and creativity into developing soulful and grooving melodies and can share them with the world. He is heavily inspired by American musicians Moby and Adam Young. After working independently with music publishers, he doesn’t want to limit himself and wants to collaborate in other media ventures. Getting experienced in music licensing and publishing business he know he has a long way to go and wants himself to work in audio branding, brand management field.Akshat Joshi makes electronic music, and is ready to explore them with wherever opportunities may arise.“I have just been signed by media records. It feels great to me as It is run by Gianfranco Bortolotti a famous house music producer. I am hoping that my music will create that much impact. List some of your last works. I have created four tracks lastly. Those are mainly in the genre of techno and house one of the latest track is ‘Awaken’ which is more like soundtrack film score. I create electronic music so it is mostly related to electronica. Also I have created my own genre called Indo Classico which is a fusion of Indian classical with the western”.
Akshat Joshi think his sound can be the new influencer in dance music.“Because I am creating melodic tunes with the touch Indian classical which nowadays not common in dance music”.
How the sound could evolve and be played during big live events?“The djs can be played in any major shows either through sound system or with the combination of multiple musical instruments, so that to create a feel of an orchestra. When I first heard it it sound sonically beautiful. That melodic violin was a cherry on the cake”.