A interview with Joy Kitikonti…

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A interview with Joy Kitikonti
On UMM label a brand new electronic music concept from a famous Italian dj: “Snow in The Desert EP”.
Joy Kitikonti is an important and big name in the electronic music scene. Joy is back in Media Records world, thanks to an agreement with the Gianfranco Bortolotti Management liaison, and public through the UMM label an extended play, “Snow in The Desert EP”. This project, forged at the Joy’s Green Beat Studio, includes the “Snow In The Desert” title track, “Nightlife” and “Sharing Melodies”. “Snow In The Desert” is available in few versions: Original Mix and 10WS and Aurel Asllanaj remix; “Sharing Melodies” is rebuilded by Ten Words.
Hi Joy, how did your e.p. for UMM?
“’Snow in The Desert’ and ‘Nightlife’ are tracks on which we have worked so hard and were born from my friend Bimas. I cared mix and mastering; then a track like ‘Sharing Melodies’, I produced all by himself, without thinking of any kind of music has arrived (but then, it is true, has a very 90’s mood). After a long introspection instead ‘Snow in The Desert’ she has seen the light”.
How did you get the idea to say, okay, I go back to Media Records?
“Strangely, I thought about this when I left Brescia. Weird, huh? Gianfranco Bortolotti had heard on the phone, my friend Zicky began working with him. When experience in Media Records was ended we had to change strategies. When I heard about the return, it was a joy. In Media Records I have taken a big leap in my career. I asked myself: why not retrace the same road? Also being productive, I thought, in the past, my working process was important because he was born in that specific context. That method I brought back up to date. After several phone calls, I finally Bortolotti and we met. And we shook hands, looking into his eyes”.
Why did you get out of UMM and not of BXR?
“When I arrived in this new Media Records things they were already under way and consequently UMM was the most suitable to my tracks. It is clear that my heart is more BXR for obvious reasons, and I do not hide that I would be honored to meddle in that brand”.
What expectations do you have with Media Records?
“Now it opens a challenge. Gianfranco gives a new opportunity to everyone. In short, there are also many new ideas”.
How do you think you will hit new targets, having achieved extraordinary goals years ago?
“In this market made up of monopolies is not simple to find the right way, so you have to get out of the norm. As? Doing things belly. Personally, these things are maybe looking at a picture of me or thinking of a person. Or even listening to old things non-electronic”.

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