Mario Più back on Media Records on Neurals…

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Mario Più back on Media Records on Neurals

Super Mario has become the giga export: with a brand new trance label change the target: it’s intercontinental flights time. It comes the change: born the #tranceaction

Trance music evolves, it camouflages, makes its transaction, its commercial repositioning and his statement of artistic intent: a real #tranceaction. Stainless actually, trance music can only change the skin after having given many players the phenomenon and the industry of festival events. Trance music have risked being sucked into the EDM big room. When a general cease to be fashionable, coolest, the trance music – after steady growth, unique, ethereal, magical, melodic -, it will off. Everyone is ready, as usual, to get on the bandwagon and to declare themselves fans for centuries the usual suspects. But only at the appropriate time. Instead, there are great men who believe always in this genre. On everything and everyone it is Mario Più, the Italian Super Mario has become the love missiles: Mario is back with a brand new trance label, Neurals Records (a member of Media Records group), aims to intercontinental flights. Its audience target is the world.

“By now everyone is aware of the return in the Media Records musical field and its founder and guru, Gianfranco Bortolotti, back on track at speeds and load full of ideas”, says Mario Più. “As usual, Bortolotti has always three jumps ahead, he’s visionary man. His great return has decided to entrust a new label to manage. The label is called Neurals Records and will have a decidedly oriented to trance style, with various influences. But always drived by the melody”. Mario Più add. “So, sequencing of high quality releases with important names of the national and especially international guys. There are areas where the trance music scene for years is mainstreamed. We also take the opportunity to new talents who have quality products to offer to the market. I want presumptuous: I can admit that there are all preconditions, for our own Neurals Records we can follow the older sister BXR footprints, with same goals. Especially, if to see and to promote the whole project it is one as guru Bortolotti”.

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