Face to face with Isac

Interview with “Catalunya” dj, ready with others house music smash hits

Born in Italy, Isac is back with “Catalunya” single track on Heartbeat. He’s finds its sound and its space in the house music, tech and deep house. Since 2014 he as menaged the Label Câblage Records in Italy. He is a dj in various Italian and foreign locations. Very important his presence as resident DJ at Club 80’s Haus in Courmayeur where he worked with international DJs including Claptone, Ellen Allien, Sven Vath and Solomun. Since these could be inspired for his productions and his DJ set. Now he is resident for the Rolling Stone 72 in Italy. His art is put in its productions and over time has created some very interesting tracks. His latest works in progress chasing a tribal sound and a rhythm that enters the heart and makes travel. Isac is a DJ who tries to convey with its productions emotions and sensations. He wants to offer tickets to a unique sensory journey for all his listeners.
How “Catalunya” single track is born?
“’Catalunya’ was born from a sound research: that came near to the Spanish latin sound. I wanted was transmitted rhythm and Spanish songs mood and that he could recreate those feelings what you perceive those places. Everything clearly arranged in tech-house key”.
With “Catalunya” you continue the path started with the previous track?
“The path move on sophisticated sounds and attempt to offer emotions and sensations details one who will listen to the song”.
Can you balance your first steps with heartbeat, Media Records house music son?
“The first balance it’s too positive. First, I was able to create the product in the full Heartbeat vibe; then, the results”.
What are your next goals?
“I wanna to create amazing tracks that which moves me and motivates me in big productions. I make a focus on more objectives and desires, in the same time. I wanna be a famous in more countries”.
How to achieve all goals?
“I follow a constant research for new innovative sounds. I think also the Heartbeat label support my capacity: it’s can be a determining factor. I will continue a work on me for more satisfaction me. I looking for a brilliant sound to entertain the Heartbeat fans around the world”.

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