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Media Records >> Underground > End To End

Underground defines a large set of practices and identities with the common intent to be an alternative to the mass culture. End to End with the help of the mithic Media Records wants to be the answer.

End to End, a pseudonym of an expert dj and producer that in the recent past have worked with several labels.
They weren’t structured like Media Records but most of all they weren’t as wised as Underground, the most open label of the group.
At this is point the question is: if Heartbeat is house, BXR is techno,

Divergent is minimal techno, what will be the core sound of Underground?
“Electronic music. Even experimental electronic music. If possible a sound that still doesn’t exist, a sound that can be the fusion of different cultures. Those considered not ordinary countries for the traditional dance music business: for instance India, Turkey, China, maybe mixed by Italians remixers of course, or Europeans influencers, in any case, always the sound of the underground”.

How did you get to Bortolotti and Media Records?
“Since the beginning I followed Media Records and Gianfranco then, almost by chance, we met and we started talking about using. And there was the light. I understood why the called him guru”.

What’s your main commitment as to label manager of Underground?
“Mainly searching, listening, judging the tracks. Keep the label profile shining in order to attract new talents from anywhere”.

Will you bet on one-shot operations?
“Only if the one I pick is adding value to us or to the group. Mainly my commitment will be to grow artists, djs or producers”.

Next releases?
“Soon we will release an EP, an Indian dj where I made a remix of the main track”.

An EP of yours?
“I am working on it. Meanwhile a couple of my remixes will be released on UMM and on Underground for the artists Ten Words and Askat Joshi”.

Underground always been… underground, more a lab than a label: is it stimulating for you?
“Actually, what’s better?”.