DVRG1001 – Bimas – Fragile EP…

DVRG1001 – Bimas – Fragile EP

Divergent is the hotly anticipated new label from Belgium born DJ and producer Bimas, who also releases music on labels like Desolat and Truesoul.

‘Feeling Good’ opens this EP with a wild-style techno aesthetic, featuring hulking great drums, wailing diva vocals and nerve jangling stabs.

It’s energetic and fiery and cannot fail to arrest the attention of the dance floor. ‘Fragile’ is deep and rolling, with big glistening hi hats and a deep looping bass sucking you into the the track. Building to a high octane peak, rueful synths add a tender touch to the visceral drums.

Nikola Gala’s remix of ‘Feeling Good’ is a tense and rolling affair, with no let up from start to finish, as cut up vocals and drilling synths demand you move your body.

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