6470 – No Mercy EP

6470 >> “No Mercy EP”

“No Mercy EP” is a brand new amazing project from 6470, a very techno and electronic music lover

Shadow and light together are a common sight. He’s 6470. It’s existence cast from the shadows of gifted producer Davide Piras mind. A new identity, not determined to express something artistically unusual, but as a personal platform to improve and investigate any possibilities of post-techno and experimental electronic music.

The concept 6470 is the latest addiction to the irresistible oblivion on the brink of house and techno. 6470’s sound is the result of a visceral approach from both genres furthest ends: distorted and radioactive soundscapes locked in a dance-floor lovely structure.

And 6470 is never final, taking shape day by day, evolving constantly, exploring and braving the regular. Noise crafted consciously as the sediment of long jam sessions and heavy electronic manipulations.

Has Media Records in some way changed or enriched your life as a producer?
“Media Records have been influenced the 90s scene and so I would say yes”.

List some of your last works, please.
“’No Mercy EP’ contains ‘No Mercy’, ‘Our Cognitive Dissonance’, ‘Introspection’ and ‘September 10’. Of course, there is some work in progress’s stuff going on. We don’t stop”.

Do you think your music style can be identified with a specific one? If yes, which one?
“I would say its basically techno filled with drama and influenced by my nightmares”.

Which is your favourite genre?
“Right now, ’14:17′ of a Tuesday, it’s jazz”.
How do you feel about the collaboration with Media Records?
“Excited and nervous. I feel the pressure of keeping quality high and people satisfied with what I do”.

How do you think the sound could evolve and be played during big live events?
“Producers becoming freaks of sound destruction while sound engineers keep on pursuing hi-end and hi-fidelity sound systems. I don’t know how, but it will be fun for sure. No goal. Just progress”.
Is there an artist that inspires you or that you particularly admire?
“Mike Dehnert, Kris Wadsworth, Yaleesa Hall, Stimming, Ricardo Villalobos”.

When was your first studio experience?
“In 2008 I was visited a recording studio but had no clue of how music has to be recorded.

It was like the first time I saw fireworks, something like ‘okay, wow, but how?'”.
When and which was your first live performing experience?
“A couple of years ago with my House project Davide Piras live”.

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6470 – No Mercy EP

After a 15 year break fabled Italian imprint BXR Records relaunches under the Media Records umbrella, headed up by Gianfranco Bortolotti . BXR ’s reincarnation focuses on capturing the modern techno s

Ten Words – EIGHTEEN EP – UMM / UMM001V

Media Records >> Vinyl Time …

UMM, Divergent and BXR are ready to climb the charts even in 12” size

After the Heartbeat releases, also labels as UMM, Divergent and BXR target the vinyl. The market is on the rise and Media Records always believed in supporting twelve inches.

So, we start with UMM label and Ten Words with his “Eighteen EP”, including “Satellite” and “Eighteen” feat. Ghost Wars (Original Mix, 10ws remix and End To End remix).

On Divergent with Bimas push on “Fragile EP” and “Fragile”, “Feeling Good” (Original Mix and Nikola Gala remix).

Finally, in the short time, a sale of BXR vinyl mix, which sign the return of big brand: 6470 with his “No Mercy EP” breaks with “Our Cognitive Dissonance”, “No Mercy”, “Introspection” and “September”.


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Ten Words – EIGHTEEN EP – UMM / UMM001V

After a hiatus of more than ten years, one of house musics most essential and influential labels is back in the game. That label is UMM, originally from Naples in Italy, which is now re-launching with a fine EP from Milan based producer and DJ, Ten Words.

Media Records >> Underground > End To End…

Media Records >> Underground > End To End

Underground defines a large set of practices and identities with the common intent to be an alternative to the mass culture. End to End with the help of the mithic Media Records wants to be the answer.

End to End, a pseudonym of an expert dj and producer that in the recent past have worked with several labels.
They weren’t structured like Media Records but most of all they weren’t as wised as Underground, the most open label of the group.
At this is point the question is: if Heartbeat is house, BXR is techno,

Divergent is minimal techno, what will be the core sound of Underground?
“Electronic music. Even experimental electronic music. If possible a sound that still doesn’t exist, a sound that can be the fusion of different cultures. Those considered not ordinary countries for the traditional dance music business: for instance India, Turkey, China, maybe mixed by Italians remixers of course, or Europeans influencers, in any case, always the sound of the underground”.

How did you get to Bortolotti and Media Records?
“Since the beginning I followed Media Records and Gianfranco then, almost by chance, we met and we started talking about using. And there was the light. I understood why the called him guru”.

What’s your main commitment as to label manager of Underground?
“Mainly searching, listening, judging the tracks. Keep the label profile shining in order to attract new talents from anywhere”.

Will you bet on one-shot operations?
“Only if the one I pick is adding value to us or to the group. Mainly my commitment will be to grow artists, djs or producers”.

Next releases?
“Soon we will release an EP, an Indian dj where I made a remix of the main track”.

An EP of yours?
“I am working on it. Meanwhile a couple of my remixes will be released on UMM and on Underground for the artists Ten Words and Askat Joshi”.

Underground always been… underground, more a lab than a label: is it stimulating for you?
“Actually, what’s better?”.


DVRG1001 – Bimas – Fragile EP…

DVRG1001 – Bimas – Fragile EP

Divergent is the hotly anticipated new label from Belgium born DJ and producer Bimas, who also releases music on labels like Desolat and Truesoul.

‘Feeling Good’ opens this EP with a wild-style techno aesthetic, featuring hulking great drums, wailing diva vocals and nerve jangling stabs.

It’s energetic and fiery and cannot fail to arrest the attention of the dance floor. ‘Fragile’ is deep and rolling, with big glistening hi hats and a deep looping bass sucking you into the the track. Building to a high octane peak, rueful synths add a tender touch to the visceral drums.

Nikola Gala’s remix of ‘Feeling Good’ is a tense and rolling affair, with no let up from start to finish, as cut up vocals and drilling synths demand you move your body.

Vinyl: goo.gl/LE3tM2
Digital: goo.gl/yr5uuYBuy Fragile EP at Juno Records. In stock now for same day shipping. Fragile EP