Cammy “Komodo” on EDMedia

He loves EDM and he imagines its ‘Komodo’ to repeat the success of the famous 90’s hit, produced by Gianfranco Bortolotti

Born in Tokyo in 1991, Masaki Kaminaga aka Cammy is not only a dj, but a dancer and a fashion model too. During the latest 10 years he joined important events together with the famous influencer Toshinobu Kubota. He loves EDM and he imagines its ‘Komodo’ to repeat the success of the famous 90’s hit, produced by Gianfranco Bortolotti.

In the track you released for Gianfranco Bortolotti and Media Records, your Japanese touch is easy recognizable.

“My experience comes from my life. When I think to my short but intense career, I smile, because I rushed into things. Here in Japan promotion is a particular matter, it can appear chaotic but it often has a slow start”.

Any future collaboration?

“We’d like having our own project here in Asia, joining in a great team all together. Thanks to Media Records we are now in contact with Jamaster A. another Media Records artist”.

What’s your favourite music genre?

“I love house music, but I’m fascinated by some hip hop sounds”.

In your opinion, what kind of elements can influence dance music industry today?

“Dance music needs to have an irresistible rhythm, but a melodic element, too. That’s why Alesso is one of my favourite artist. I can’t imagine dance music without rhythm, energy and especially melody”.

Techno or house?

“House music, with no doubts”.

And you play EDM…

“My sound is a mix of electro and energetic prog big room. If you want people move their asses, you should make them dance”.

Who is the artist you admire most or the one who inspires you?

“Michael Jackson. I love his powerful expression, his sense of rhythm and his groove”.

Kazuya “Torpedo” on EDMedia

His passion for EDM and European sound drove Kazuya to EDMedia

Kazuya is a young and talented dj, born in Japan in 1998. He started releasing electronic music when he was just 15. His latest single ’Torpedo’ is a perfect example of EDM anthem and it shows the skills of the new Oriental rising star.

You were still underage at the beginning of your career, right?

Well, in Japan it’s not fair if you start working in the clubs when you’re underage, so at the beginning music was just a passion for me, then I started looking for my ideal club.

Do you have a dream?

“I’d like djing at great events”.

What do you expected from ’Torpedo’? Do you think that Media Records can change your career?

“I think so, working with this brand is a big opportunity for my growth, a step forward for my career in music. There’re too many dj’s in Japan, that’s why I chose Europe”.

There’s a sign outside your studio door that says: ‘Work in progress’.

“Yes, music production is always like a work in progress”.

What’s your favourite music?

“Bass House and dubstep”.

Do you think it’s hard today making some significant fast progress on music scene?

“It depends on you. I want producing, composing, mixing and working in my studio, because producing my own music is the logical consequence of my work in the clubs. It’s the right way to reach people”.

Who’s the future EDM star?


Do you think that EDM is an established concept?

“No, and it won’t be. EDM is more than a music genre, it represents the sound of the new generations and the perfect soundtrack for festivals”.

Well, music is fine, but music industry needs a rebirth: do you agree?

“Yes of course. Music should help music industry to regenerate itself”.

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