The men behind T.B. Project …

The men behind T.B. Project are Andrea Paladini and BJM known for few years as the True Beat

Enthusiastic about to give their contribution to the Media Records rooster, reveal that T.B. Project has been properly done for the clubs supporting a very specific and refined sound. A way to go behiond their own limits also thanks to their large djing experience. And here we’re, they reached their goal with “Maka Movin” (out next 8th August 2016), an obsessive tech-house sound enriched by tribal arrangements, with a feminine vocal hook leading the entire track.

And now the powerful couple landed on the dark side of the Moon of Heartbeat Records: Heartbeat Black. From their recording studio the duo reveals that the first production was realized with DJ Luca Cassani for “Safe From Harm” track.

In the past Media Records it has certainly given great music at all.

“Not only has been exporting products and DJs worldwide. Now we hope to make our contribution with this new partnership”.

The T.B. Project is just a… side project?

“In the past we have already released products like True Beat. T.B. Project will be a relief to the dancefloor, with sounds too house and deep. With this name we will give more voice yo new fields through our experience”.

You don’t have limits to your sound?

“The inspirations are important”.

The DJs become like a real rock stars, now?

“It shows must go on: that we must dare more. Those who continue to do research immersing the new styles, new mood, or more than anything call into question the sound, he wins. we must not rest on success”.

Only a series of outputs may build a profile of a big artist?

“With a very demanding audience you can not work in a standardized manner or think in the old style, to make follow-up nonsense. Today you have to dare, experiment, always keeping an eye on the taste of those who still listen to music”.

Everything is evolving?

“We believe only in what we do and as long as the thing we have fun, we will continue. There are no specific targets in progress but only the desire to contribute to the success, bringing something catchy and good in the current music market”.

Your inspirations come from?

“From rock, pop, dance, techno”.