Carlo Cavalli is the Heartbeat A&R

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Carlo Cavalli is the Heartbeat (Media Records) A&R, the memorable label in house music history

Carlo Cavalli is the heart beating buzz of the new Media Records label: Heartbeat pulsation cheer up the house sector. Meeting up with Gianfranco Bortolotti has been fundamental for the success of such an accurate scouting.

“I’m a music publisher since a dozen years now and I work in dance music business since then”, tells us the talent scout from Crema Italian town.

“I met Gianfranco Bortolotti during last summer and from that moment we started to make business together. I proposed myself to be the A&R for Heartbeat label. It’s a big opportunity to grow inside a groundbreaking structure, and have the chance to compare myself with an important crew of professional music workers”.

Heartbeat is the Media Records house label, focused on scouting special and unique high quality productions.

Heartbeat must capture the attention of the listeners and of the music users without losing new proposals, selecting daily demos with great care. House music is turning the tables on other genres and it’s constantly recouping, year after year”.

Heartbeat is house music in all it’s shades.

“Yes, exactly, and the Winter Music Conference 2016 will help in finding the new sounds direction, the ones mostly loved between djs. It’s their launch window. Miami is absolutely important in order to observe the audience response and understand which tracks could be interesting to be licensed”.

Which is your responsibility?

“First of all the maintenance of the high quality of the releases. I want Heartbeat to sparkle has it did in the past. The sound research? It will be addressed both to clubs and radios. We count on productions that give good vibes following our sole instinct”.

Deep, real house, tropical and future or maybe something new?

We don’t want to connect Heartbeat to a unique style or to a sole genre. Sound influences will be a lot, maybe massive”.

No competition with UMM inside the label structure?

Heartbeat is house, UMM is near to a tech house sound”.

How do you get through the plenty of EDM demos that arrive every day in Media Records email box?

“I personally listen to all demos received everyday and I then point out to each expert A&R responsable of that specific t sound of each label of the structure”.

Next releases? What do you have in mind?

Since a few days, the vinyl release ‘Heart House Vol. 1’ is available in stores; It will be then ready Eros DJ with ‘Paint The Sky’ and the new project by Blush supported by Lino di Meglio with ‘Oye Como'”.