The BXR glorious label is coming back with a new A&R , Philipp Kieser

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Future Techno is now coming. The BXR glorious label is coming back with a new A&R, Philipp Kieser. He says: “We’ll be dark, deep and atmospheric techno breaks”

The new A&R for BXR label is Philipp Kieser, fresh from music trials that himself defines “dark i.e. techno, industrial, drum&bass, dubstep, breakcore”, and it’s like a dark whole in music cosmos.

“I absorb and synthesize” he states. “BXR is a label with a huge amazing history thanks to many important releases still to recall. What happened on BXR during the 90’s and in the first 2k years , is nowadays a full stop in the electronic music scene all over the world. Let’s now move on from this point towards the entire universe”.
Which will the new BXR sound be? “It will be a very techno style sound. We won’t limit ourselves to a ‘copy&paste’ strategy but we will launch on the market a leading and authentic new sound. We will also point out new talents and new faces”.

Media Records is a new adventure for Kieser: “The backoffice team is huge and extremely organized and prepared. Without forgetting the leader of the group, Gianfranco Bortolotti: experience, network and a strong vision. What else?”.